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C64 Dreams v0.20

Version 0.20 of C64 Dreams is now available (I know, I skipped a version number, but this one's kindof a milestone so... shennanigans!). It features 300 new games (for a new total of 2000!) and a number of other improvements and changes.

DOWNLOAD HERE (temporarily down while new version is being uploaded :) )

The magazine module (optional) for the local (.cbr) versions can be found here (temporarily down while new version is being uploaded :) )

The game details spreadsheet has been updated accordingly.


  • Added virtual keyboard function to controller - accessible by pressing Y (on a 360/XB1 controller)

  • Created a configurator (C64 Dreams\C64 Dreams\Configurator.exe) for quickly changing overlays, shaders, and the base config

  • Added a new shader preset called Esper C64 (requires dedicated video card - not integrated - and a fast-ish PC) - this is not the default, but can be quickly selected through the configurator

  • Updated core to newest version as of 3/9/20 - brings new SID engine ReSID-3.3 which improves audio quality (updated all option files accordingly to use it) and new zoom features

  • Converted from using custom screen cropping for everything to using new zoom settings in core options, this eliminates the need for per-resolution base settings and even eliminates the need for game-specific cropping in many instances (though not all) if you are using a 16:9 display. If it's 4:3, 5:4, etc. it will need some adjustment (it would have anyway, in the past). The remaining games that still need resolution-specific cropping are as follows:

Alien Syndrome




Forgotten Forest

Frogger Arcade

Gemini Wing


Tiger Claw

Turbo Outrun


  • Created new bezels to accommodate for adjusted dimensions of new zoom settings, both for normal (PAL) and NTSC games - options are Bruce Lee (default), Project Firestart, Retrograde, Times of Lore, Ultima III, X-Out, and blank (empty first overlay image, second is the controls image)

  • Added Blast From the Past volumes 16-25

  • Added 64 games to Best Of Vol. 4

  • Added custom controls to Renegade

Version updates:

  • 8bit-Slicks - replaced with 1/5/2020 updated version (with 4-player support) by Laxity

  • Alternate Reality - The City - replaced with onesided Fairlight version

  • Bangers & Mash - replaced with +37D version by Hackersoft

  • Battle Through Time - replaced with +4H version by Pugsy

  • Bignose's USA Adventure - replaced with +8H version by Chromance

  • Blagger Goes to Hollywood - replaced with +3 version by Pugsy

  • Bride of Frankenstein - replaced with +3 version by Pugsy

  • Cashman - replaced with +22D version by Hackersoft

  • Cavemania - replaced with +21D version by Hackersoft

  • Centipede - replaced with Square Unit version

  • Challenger - replaced with +3 version by Pugsy

  • Chopper Commander - replaced with +29D version by Hackersoft

  • Chopper Hunt - replaced with +3 PAL fixed version by Mr. NOP

  • CJ In the USA - replaced with +27D version by Hackersoft

  • CJ's Elephant Antics - replaced with +20D version by Hackersoft

  • Cybernoid - replaced with Triad version

  • Cyborg - replaced with +D version by Hotline

  • D.I.S.C. - replaced with +H version by Laxity

  • Detective Game, The - replaced with +5D version by Onslaught

  • Die Hard 2 - replaced with +6 Easyflash version by Master

  • Dizzy - Prince of the Yolkfolk - replaced with +40D version by Hackersoft

  • Donkey Kong (Ocean) - replaced with +5HD version by Remember

  • Driller - replaced with +P version by Commo Bam

  • Dylan Dog - replaced with +3 version by Triad

  • Dynasty Wars - replaced with +5DGHI version by Hokuto Force

  • Empire - replaced with +6 version by Pugsy

  • Entombed - replaced with +6PD version by Hokuto Force

  • Exile - replaced with +7DF version by Neophytes

  • F40 Pursuit - replaced with +2DI version by Hokuto Force

  • Fairy Well - replaced with +5MD by Onslaught

  • Firefly - replaced with +2 version by Triad

  • First Samurai - replaced with +7 version by Vision

  • Fistful of Bucks, A - replaced with +6PD version by Hokuto Force

  • Forbidden Forest - replaced with +5DH version by Remember

  • Force 7 - replaced with +6 version by Pugsy

  • Frank Bruno's Boxing - replaced with +4DF version by Underground Domain

  • Frogger II - Threeedeep! - replaced with +4D version by Hokuto Force

  • Ghostbusters - replaced with +6PD version by Hokuto Force

  • Hawkeye - replaced with +4DH version by Lurid & Tricycle

  • Head Over Heels - replace with +6DF version by Nostalgia

  • Heist, The - replaced with +7 version by Pugsy

  • Highnoon - replaced with +6DGMH version by Hokuto Force

  • Impossible Mission - replaced with Remember version

  • International Karate - replaced with +H version by Remember

  • IO - replaced with +22D version by Hackersoft

  • Joe Gunn - replaced with +11DS version by Mad Hackers Incorporated

  • Kendo Warrior - replaced with +15D version by Hokuto Force

  • Knuckle Busters - replaced with +29D version by Hackersoft

  • Lode Runner - replaced with +6GD version by Hokuto Force

  • Mag Max - replaced with +8DGH version by Hokuto Force

  • Montezuma's Revenge - replaced with +9D version by Hokuto Force

  • MoonShadow - replaced with +7 version by Mr. Fox

  • No Mercy - replaced with +3 Easyflash version by Master

  • Nono Pixie - replaced with V1.1 version by Atlantis

  • Paradroid - replaced with +8DH version by Remember

  • Park Patrol - replaced with +4 version by Remember

  • Pastfinder - replaced with + version by Derbyshire Ram

  • Pi R Squared - replaced with + version by Derbyshire Ram

  • Quasimodo - replaced with + version by Commo Bam

  • Raid on Bungeling Bay - replaced with +3 version by Remember

  • Raid Over Moscow - replaced with +4DF version by Remember

  • Rambo: First Blood Part II - replaced with +1H version by Remember

  • Realm of Impossibility - replaced with +5HD version by Remember

  • Robin of the Wood - replaced with +12DG +Pic +Map version by Hokuto Force

  • Scarabaeus - replaced with +6DH version by Onslaught

  • Slayer - replaced with +4 version with Pugsy

  • Space Pilot - replaced with +3 version by Nostalgia

  • Space Rogue - replaced with Easyflash version by Master

  • Space Taxi - replaced with +9DH version by Nostalgia

  • Spheron - replaced with +3FD version by Massive Onslaught + Success

  • Spy Hunter - replaced with +2D version by Nostalgia

  • Starfox - replaced with + version by Triad

  • Strangeloop - replaced with +6 version by Pugsy

  • Stratton - replaced with +2PHI version by Axelerate

  • Suicide Express - replaced with +4 version by Remember

  • Suicide Strike - replaced with +3DG version by Hokuto Force

  • Super Carling the Spider - replaced with +5D version by Onslaught

  • Tapper - replaced with +6HDG version by Excess

  • Target Renegade - replaced with +7DG +Pic version by Hokuto Force

  • Train - Escape to Normandy, The - replaced with +12D version by Remember

  • Turrican II - replaced with v1.1 1581 version by 0xDB

  • Tusker - replaced with +7DFIR Easyflash version by Nostalgia

  • Up'n Down - replaced with +23D version by Hackersoft

  • Vice Squad, The - replaced with +6D version by Onslaught

  • Zamzara - replaced with +5HD version by Fairlight

  • Zorro - replaced with +5D version by Hokuto Force


  • Updated Lunatico demo to use model C64C

  • Updated code in automation tools so that no manual adjustments are necessary anymore (replacing .cmd names, changing file extensions for t64 or d81, etc.) with the exception of multi-disk games and games that need the program specified in the .cmd

  • Corrected Cyborg 2900 to start the correct game - it was on a multi-game disk and was starting a game called Bomb Squad instead

  • Disabled unified menu controls to make navigating the RA UI a little easier for those that want to

  • Enabled Protovision adapter for 8bit-Slicks to allow up to 4 simultaneous players (now supported in 2020 update)

  • Removed second disk from Aliens - The Computer Game (Electric Dreams) because it wasn't necessary

  • Corrected Defender, Donkey Kong (Atari), Head Over Heels, The Heist, P.O.D., Realm of Impossibility, and Target Renegade to use joystick port 1

  • Created single .d81 disk images for a few multi-disk games so disk-swapping is no longer necessary - games included are Chester Field, Dark Lord, Metal Warrior 4, Out Run Europa, and Take Down; backups of the multi-disk .d64 versions are available in Games\!Backups\!D81 Conversion Backups as a precaution

  • Added virtual keyboard mapping to controller layout reference sheet and overlays

  • Changed Donkey Kong (Atari) to NTSC and adjusted cropping accordingly

  • Added custom control for a few games that need you to press ` (tilde) to leave docs/trainer screens which sets this to the start button - games included are Border Blast 2, Dante's Department Store, Dizzy - Prince of the Yolkfolk, Hopping Mad, IO, Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator, Super G-Man, Up'n Down, Warp, and Wheel of Fortune

  • Added map as third overlay screen for Times of Lore

  • Cleared emumovies and retroachievements fields in LB

  • Renamed Fistfull of Bucks, A to Fistful of Bucks, A, The Magic Candle to Magic Candle, The, Realms of Impossibility to Realm of Impossibility, and Sword of Honor to Sword of Honour and updated LB paths

  • Deleted old (unused) files for Operation Wolf, Rolling Ronny, Shadow of the Beast, and Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles - The Coin-Op

  • Changed default frame delay value from 3 to 1 (making it a little less hardware intensive by default). I do recommend changing it to 3+ if your PC can handle it though. The higher the value, the lower the input latency. You can quickly adjust this by using the Configurator, using the "Config Editor" function, and changing the value for video_frame_delay =


  • Removed about 4000 unnecessary files from Retroarch folder

New games with multitap (3-4 controller) support:

  • 8bit-Slicks

  • Hat Trick 2020

  • Zatacka

New custom note overlays:

  • Beyond Castle Wolfenstein

  • Big Mac

  • Blue Max 2001

  • Cybernoid II

  • Cyborg

  • Dalek Attack

  • Dan Dare 3

  • Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

  • Dragonriders of Pern

  • Emlyn Hughes International Soccer

  • Fighter Bomber

  • Fire and Forget II

  • Fungus II

  • Galactic Gardener

  • Gameboy Tetris

  • Gates of Dawn

  • Gauntlet II

  • Gemstone Healer

  • Gemstone Warrior

  • Geo-Matrix

  • Hawkeye

  • Ice Cold Beer

  • Icicle Works

  • Ivan 'Ironman' Stewart's Super Off Road

  • Joe Gunn

  • Jumpman

  • Karateka

  • Lily Lander

  • Lords of Chaos

  • Lords of Chaos II

  • Mad Doctor

  • Magnetoball

  • Memory

  • Mission Moon

  • Night Racer

  • North & South

  • Ole!

  • Operation Wolf

  • Pac-Man 25th Anniversary Edition 64

  • Pawn, The

  • Piracy

  • Pool of Radiance

  • Portal (2018)

  • Raid Over Moscow

  • Rainbow Islands

  • Renegade

  • Rescue on Fractalus!

  • River Raid

  • Rox 64

  • Scarabaeus

  • Shadowfire

  • Smash TV

  • Spy vs. Spy 2

  • Starfox

  • Starship Andromeda

  • Times of Lore

  • TRogue64

  • Underwurlde

  • Waffles

  • Way of the Exploding Fist, The

New games in v0.20

3D Golf Action Force Amazing Spider-Man, The Amazon Tales Apple Cider Spider Atic Atac Baby of Can Guru, The Bazooka Bill Beatnik Bert Beneath the Tenement Big Mac Bucket Wars C64Maze Caveman Caverns of Sillahc China Miner Commando Arcade SE Crackpots Curse of Rabenstein, The Curse of Sherwood, The Dark Tower, The Dogboy, The Donald's Snow Fight Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Dragonsden Drelbs Drunken Chopsticks Dungeons of Doom Energy Warrior Escape (S+S Soft) Escape from Doomworld Evolution Father Christmas Fickle Fire! Flip & Flop Freeze64 G-Loc R360 Galaxis 9199 Galaxis II Galaxy Cargo Galaxy Force II Galaxys Galivan Gamblin' Cowboy Lucky Luke Game Master Game of the Gods Gameboy Tetris Gamma Force: The Pit of a Thousand Screams Gammaron Gandalf the Sorcerer Gangster Ganymed Garfield 2: Winter's Tail Garfield: Big Fat Hairy Deal Gem'x Gemini Wing Gemstone Healer Gemstone Warrior Genesia Genesis Genloc Genocide Geo-Matrix Germ Attack - Mission II - The Master's Revenge Gerry The Germ Gertie Goose - The Lost Eggs Get It Get to the End GFL Championship Football Ghost Hunters Ghost Town Ghostbusters II Giants Revenge Gift Craze Gilbert - Escape from Drill Gilded Age Give My Regards To Broad Street Gladiator (Domark) Gladiator, The (Richwood Software) Gladiators Glider Rider Global Commander Go Carts Go-Kart Simulator Gold Packs Gold Train Goldfever Goldshaft Deluxe Golf Master Gordian Tomb Gorilla Gothik GP Tennis Manager GR9 Strike Force Gradius Graeme Souness International Soccer Graffiti Man Grand Prix Master Grand Prix Simulator II Grange Hill Grave Yardage Gravitrix Gravity III - The Final Rescue Gravrace Great Courts Great Gurianos Greenrunner Grell and Falla Gremlins Gremlins - The Adventure Gremlins 2 - The New Batch Grid Zone Gridtrap Grime 6502 Grod - The Demented Pixie Groovy Electric Death Groovy Garden Grumps Fight Grunts Gryphon Guardian Guardian II Gun.Smoke Harbour Attack Harvey Headbanger Hat Trick Heavenbound Henry's House Hermetic Hoodoo Voodoo Hot Rod Howard the Duck Hudson Hawk Huxley Pig Hypochondriac Ice Guys Ice Hunter Icicle Works Impossamole Innuh's Pyramid, The International Tennis Into Hinterland World Invader Alert J.E.R.O. Joe Blade Joe Blade II Kaiser Kane 2 Katabatia King's Valley Krakens Kromazone Kung-Fu Master L'Abbaye des Morts Labertino Labman Legend of Sinbad, The Legend of the Amazon Women, The Lethal Zone License to Kill Life of a Lone Electron, The Lily Lander Lunar Blitz RX Lunattack Mad Nurse Madness Magnetoball Mail Order Monsters Major Blink Manic Miner 64DX Marble Madness Mask III - Venom Strikes Back Masters of the Universe in Terraquake Megamania C64 Mercs Mermaid Madness Metal Warrior Metal Warrior 2 Metal Warrior 3 Metal Warrior 4: Agents of Metal Metro-Cross Miami Chase Mountie Mick's Deathride My Life Neoclyps New York City Nine Princes in Amber Ninja Ninja Commando Old Tower Olli & Lissa - The Ghost of Shilmore Castle On The Tiles Operation Wolf Oskar Pac-Man 25th Anniversary Edition 64 Pandora Perilous Swamp Pit-Fighter Planet X2 Popeye 2 Popeye 3: Wrestlecrazy Postman Pat Postman Pat II Postman Pat III Powerglove Prince Clumsy Psycho Hopper Punch and Judy Purple Heart Queen's Footsteps, The Quo Vadis Radius Rainbow Dragon Real Ghostbusters, The Renegade Renegade III: The Final Chapter Roadblasters Roland's Rat Race Run Like Hell Rupert and the Ice Castle SAS Combat Simulator Scumball Scuttlebutt 64 Shadow Dancer Shadow Skimmer Sky is Falling, The Skywalker Sly Spy Spoil Spy vs. Spy 2 Spy vs. Spy 3 Star Lifter Star Trek - Strategic Operations Simulator Star Trek - The Computer Game Star Trek - The Rebel Universe Star Trek (2001) Star Trek (2003) Stargate StarTrash Storm Warrior Stormlord Street Fighter Street Gang Suburban Commando Summer Camp Super G-Man Super Hyperzap Super Monaco Grand Prix Super Trolley Super Wonderboy in Monsterland Swarm 16k Switchblade Sylphwyrm Tacky Tales of the Cat Tass Times in Tone Town Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles Telengard Remastered Thundercats TKO Toki TOOP Toxic (2020 Edition) Train Robbers Trashman Treasure Island (Mastertronic) Treasure Island (Mr. Micro) Troll Two Days to the Race UFF Unhallowed Varidan Vault Man Vault Man 2 Vector Runner Vega Velcro Vigilante Wacky Races Waffles Walliball Warp Warrior Warriors of Zypar, The Wave Hero Weasel Wheel of Fortune Wizard's Dominion Wizard's Doom Woody the Worm Ylcodrom Yogi Bear Yogi Bear & Friends in the Greed Monster Yogi's Great Escape Zap Zone Zatacka Zeta-7 Zombi Terror Zombie Massacre

*these games are still commercial so the roms are not supplied

New Magazines:

Added Zzap!64 Issues 36-50

New Demos:

Aroused by Proxima Beezarro by Atlantis Continuum by Triad Industrial Breakdown by Booze Design Mathematica by Reflex Neon by Triad NGC 1277 100% by Samar Productions Nine by Reflex One Quarter by Fairlight Redefinition by Fairlight + Offence Shards of Fancy by Lft Sharp by Fairlight + Instinct Stacked by Padua The Last Truckstop 3 by Fairlight Total by Extend Two-Sided by Atlantis

New SID:

Code Me a Song by Randall Eoroid 2020 by psych858o Fastlane by Flex High Roller by Flex Make Some Noise by Jammer Mountain March by 6R6 Night Finds You by GH + Linus Perfectly Well Adjusted by Lft Ugly Arpling, The by Stinsen Zootoyoo by Abaddon

As something a bit new, I decided to bring special attention to a few new games in this release. The whole thing is curated to begin with, so it's kindof all one gigantic "best of", but these games in particular really stood out in this batch, all of which were new to me except for Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator.

Favorite modern game in v0.20:

Atic Atac

Runners up:

King's Valley L'Abbaye des Morts Metal Warrior (series) Old Tower

Favorite retro game in v0.20:

Gemstone Healer

Runners up:

Gemstone Warrior Gremlins Hermetic Labertino Mad Nurse Mermaid Madness Postman Pat Star Trek - Strategic Operations Simulator Super G-Man [this was a pretty close second]

Have fun! If anyone has any issues, please let me know.

I will be getting back to normal releases before doing another update for this. I just kindof wanted to get to this point as a sortof good place to pause first.

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30 may 2020

Great stuff @Beau Chambers - in the mean time I'll be looking at this as a great way of pruning existing c64 games and checking out my set :) Thanks for your efforts, much appreciated!

Me gusta

Beau Chambers
Beau Chambers
30 may 2020

Hey James!

Still plugging away at the conversion. I'll keep us posted here on my progress as time permits. Don't look for it too soon though 🤪

Me gusta

29 may 2020

Thoroughly enjoying this version and making great discoveries! @Beau Chambers, I too would be very interested in hearing about your Pi version. This is a wonderful collection on Windows, I also run Retropie on a Pi3b+ and it would be amazing to match the set there to this one. Keeping an eye on all future updates, truly an epic long term project!

Me gusta

Beau Chambers
Beau Chambers
03 abr 2020

Perfect! If you don't mind I think I'll have a go at converting a lot of what you've done over to the Pi. I will be sure to let you see what I've done before I release anything and give you credit for all your work! It may take a while, but I'll keep you posted :)

Me gusta

03 abr 2020

Glad to hear you're enjoying it!

As far as making it work on a Pi, that... could be difficult. Obviously the set of games themselves would work, but beyond that I'm not sure how much else would. Some of the Retroarch-specific files *might* work, but the last time I tried Vice on my Pi, it was a very, very different beast from the Retroarch core in Windows, and I don't actually think any of the core option (.opt) files (which specify things like joystick port, TrueDrive enabled/disabled, C64 hotkeys, etc.) would even be usable there. Another issue is that there's some additional external stuff going on that's Window-specific. For example, Antimicro (open source joystick mapper) is used to map the…

Me gusta
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