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Added to the lair: 3/7/18

Genre: Point-And-Click Adventure / 1st person

Developer: Jumpstart Solutions

Year: 1999

Platform: Windows 95

Emulator: PCEm

Wikipedia: Biosys


Survival. Adventure. Simulation.

Biosys is a really interesting and, sadly, very obscure game that had quite a few intriguing ideas combined in unorthodox ways. It was rather ahead of its time. Its obscurity is likely due, in no small part, to the fact that it was only released in the UK and Germany. That's unfortunate because I would've been all over Biosys had it come out here in the states.

It combines Myst-style exploration and puzzle solving with survival elements and ecosystem simulation. If that sounds like an odd mashup, it's because it is; yet somehow it manages to work better than you might expect, and makes Biosys a pretty unique experience.

The game takes place in a series of sealed biomes of different varieties - rainforest, ocean, savannah, and accelerated evolution. You have to manage not only your own health (food, water, temperature, sleep, etc.) but also the health of these biomes - they sustain you and you sustain them. Sim...biosys. While this is taking place you're also trying to discover clues and recover your memory (amnesia sure is a popular plot device in video games...). It's actually a very compelling combination of elements.

I like the look of the game quite a bit. It employs the "image bubble" technique used in a number of these types of games at the time. I like the visual dichotomy between nature and technology when you enter the various industrial underbelly areas. This might be a weird comparison, but it kindof reminds me of the show Lost in that respect.

Sound is pretty good, with a lot of ambient, atmospheric sounds at all times. Music is mostly non-existent, which is actually fine given the context.

Biosys is a really neat hidden gem that's definitely worth checking out.

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