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Artillery Double Pack

Blast Doors and WarHeads

In Blast Doors, the world is ravaged and resources are scarce. Enter a helpful arms company: Militech - Bigger Guns For A Brighter Tomorrow. They produce a range of easily affordable high power weapons so that these conflicts could be resolved quickly and with minimum fuss.

The player has a base, a cannon, and an arsenal of ordinance ranging from tracer shells to tactical nuclear weapons. The object of the game is to wipe out the opponents base before they can destroy yours.

WarHeads is a game set in an unexplored quadrant of space, in which competing players take turns trying to annihilate opposing players positioned near randomly placed planets. Every level takes place in a new solar system. The gameplay is similar to Scorched Earth and Worms with destructible environments, but with different mass and gravity for each planet that affects every missile. By surviving as long as possible the player earns points and money.

Artillery Double Pack.png

Added to the lair: 9/12/22

Genre: Artillery Combat

Developer: Fred's Friends Inc. + ionos Inc.

Year: 1996 + 1997

Platform: Windows 98

Emulator: PCem

Moby: Blast Doors and WarHeads

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