Nightlong: Union City Conspiracy

The truth must prevail. Will you?

The year is 2099. The Governor of Union City has become the target of a series of terrorist attacks. Summoned by him to honor an old debt, you must embark on an epic graphic adventure to infiltrate this subversive organization and sabotage their operations. Prepare yourself for a journey of espionage and suspense as Nightlong places you in the heart of a web of intrigue where betrayal and deception are your only companions.

Become Private Investigator Joshua Reev and interact with a variety of characters on your quest as you attempt to track down the terrorist organization. Immerse yourself in the unfolding plot and progress through over 40 hours of game-play packed onto three CDs. Use your detective skills to locate and explore over 80 locations complete with interactive pick-ups and fully-animated backgrounds. Discover five huge and detailed levels, including: Union Square, Rotmall Station, Underground Zoo, Virtual Fun Fair and Rocas Prison. Test your analytical mind by collecting and utilizing objects to solve a variety of simple and complex tasks.


Added to the lair: 3/31/21

Genre: Point-And-Click Adventure / 3rd person

Developer: Team 17 / Trecision

Year: 1998

Platform: Windows 98

Emulator: PCem

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