Iron Assault

The rebellion starts here.

Have you got what it takes to pilot an enormous mechanized robot? Can you lead a rebel force into battle against the might of the corporations?

Iron Assault is a futuristic battle simulator. It utilizes state-of-the-art texture-mapping graphics to convey a world in which big business is threatening to take over the globe. With over 50 missions, set in a variety of terrain and an awesome breadth of gameplay, you're going to need more than luck to win.

Play on your own, tactically deploying your troops, or link up to another PC and battle against a friend. Choose your missions with care and scavenge wreckage for new armaments. Above all, give no quarter. The fate of free Earth rests in your hands. Dare you take up the challenge?

Iron Assault.png

Added to the lair: 9/28/19

Genre: Mech Sim / FPS

Developer: Graffiti

Year: 1995

Platform: DOS

Emulator: DOSBox staging/ECE / Retroarch

Mobygames: Iron Assault