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C64 Dreams v0.60

Download C64 Dreams version 0.60:

Place this in the base folder (next to Launchbox.exe) and extract/merge/overwrite

Download local magazine module (optional but recommended!)

Version 0.60 of C64 Dreams is now available! It features 506 new games (6 duplicates were discovered in v0.45 - same game but with an alternate regional title - and have since been removed) bringing the game count to 3500. It was a long road to get to this point - multiple events IRL slowed down progress on this update but I'm thrilled to finally be able to share it with you all!

I've prepared a brief overview video of some of the new features in v0.60 so check it out!


  • Created new playlists for RPGs and Shmups to facilitate quickly browsing these specific genres; more such playlists will be created over time as this is a work in progress

  • Added game-specific background music for as many games as possible in Launchbox - 2368 out of 3500 games now have music

  • Added new Mega Bezel shader options which are highly recommended if your GPU and CPU can handle it; a variety of screens and backgrounds are available of my own creation as well as some from TheNamec; you can find a lot more info on TheNamec's creations here:

Version Updates:

  • Replaced 10th Frame with OneLoad64 version

  • Replaced 221B Baker Street with d81 version by Stephan Scheuer

  • Replaced 3D Time Trek with OneLoad64 version

  • Replaced ACE 2088 with OneLoad64 version

  • Replaced Addams Family, The with MultiLoad64 version

  • Replaced Advanced Dungeons & Dragons - Pool of Radiance with bugfixed Easyflash by Nostalgia

  • Replaced Alternate Reality II - The Dungeon with Easyflash version by Fairlight + TREX

  • Replaced Android Control with OneLoad64 version

  • Replaced Assault Machine with OneLoad64 version

  • Replaced Baal with +9 version by Transcom (GB64 version)

  • Replaced Back to the Future Part III with MultiLoad64 version

  • Replaced Bank Run with OneLoad64 version

  • Replaced Bard's Tale III, The with Easyflash version by Nostalgia

  • Replaced Battle of the Planets with OneLoad64 version

  • Replaced Battlefield with OneLoad64 version

  • Replaced Bear Essentials, The with +3DP Special Edition by Onslaught

  • Replaced Biff with OneLoad64 version

  • Replaced Big Mac with +6HDG version by Excess

  • Replaced Black Magic with UCF + Wanderer version (GB64 version)

  • Replaced Blade Runner with +7DGM version by Hokuto Force

  • Replaced Boxer, The with OneLoad64 version

  • Replaced Brian Jacks Superstar Challenge with OneLoad64 version

  • Replaced Castle Blackstar with OneLoad64 version

  • Replaced Castle Dracula with OneLoad64 version

  • Replaced Causes of Chaos, The with OneLoad64 version

  • Replaced Challenge of the Gobots with OneLoad64 version

  • Replaced Chopper Command with +4HD version by Excess

  • Replaced Chubby Gristle with +1DG version by Hokuto Force

  • Replaced Cityattak! with OneLoad64 version

  • Replaced Codename-Mat II with OneLoad64 version

  • Replaced Congo Bongo (Disk Version) with +5DIR version by Nostalgia

  • Replaced Cool World with MultiLoad64 version

  • Replaced Crossroads II with OneLoad64 version

  • Replaced Dead or Alive with +6D version by Hokuto Force

  • Replaced Death Wake with OneLoad64 version

  • Replaced Dropzone with +10DFGH Easyflash version by Knight Rider + Remember

  • Replaced Dynamite Dux with +8DHI version by Hokuto Force

  • Replaced Dynamoid with OneLoad64 version

  • Replaced Electro World with +4HDG version by Excess

  • Replaced Elvira - The Arcade Game with MultiLoad64 version

  • Replaced Endless with +3DG version by Cracker Force Nijmegen

  • Replaced Escape New York with +3T version by Hokuto Force

  • Replaced Espionage with OneLoad64 version

  • Replaced FA Cup Football with OneLoad64 version

  • Replaced Faery Tale Adventure, The with +2D Easyflash version by CSixx

  • Replaced Fallen Angel with +5DGHI version by Hokuto Force

  • Replaced Fire Ant with +1MDGHS 101% version by Raiders of the Lost Empire

  • Replaced Fix It Felix Jr. with +4HD version by Excess

  • Replaced Flaschbier with +3DT version by Excess

  • Replaced Force, The with OneLoad64 version

  • Replaced Freak Factory with OneLoad64 version

  • Replaced Frosty The Snowman 2 Turbo with OneLoad64 version

  • Replaced Galactic Games with MultiLoad64 version

  • Replaced Galaga with V1.06 +1D version by Excess

  • Replaced Garfield - Big Fat Hairy Deal with OneLoad64 version

  • Replaced Gateway to Apshai with +6DGHM version by Raiders of the Lost Empire

  • Replaced Gothik with OneLoad64 version

  • Replaced Graeme Souness International Soccer with OneLoad64 version

  • Replaced Grand Larceny with OneLoad64 version

  • Replaced Greyfell with +7DW +Map version by Hokuto Force

  • Replaced Hades Nebula with +3DMFGH version by Mayday!

  • Replaced Halcyon with +7DGHF version by Alpha Flight + Hokuto Force

  • Replaced Happy Hacker with OneLoad64 version

  • Replaced Harvey Headbanger with OneLoad64 version

  • Replaced Headache with OneLoad64 version

  • Replaced Helm, The with OneLoad64 version

  • Replaced Hibernated 1 - This Place is Death with Director's Cut version from author's page on itch

  • Replaced House of Usher with OneLoad64 version

  • Replaced Hybrid with OneLoad64 version

  • Replaced Hyperbowl with OneLoad64 version

  • Replaced I.C.U.P.S. with OneLoad64 version

  • Replaced Interview with Coderz + Gulas version (fix)

  • Replaced IQ with OneLoad64 version

  • Replaced Jocky Wilson's Darts Compendium with OneLoad64 version

  • Replaced John Lowe's Ultimate Darts with OneLoad64 version

  • Replaced Kane with +6HDG version by Excess

  • Replaced Karateka with MultiLoad64 version

  • Replaced Katabatia with V1.1 +4D version by Genesis Project

  • Replaced Knightmare (Activision) with OneLoad64 version

  • Replaced Kokotoni Wilf with +3DG version by Alpha Flight + Hokotu Force

  • Replaced Lady Pac with v1.8 +2 by Laxity

  • Replaced Last Duel with +6DFGHI version by Hokuto Force

  • Replaced Little Sara Sister Trilogy with v1.5 +7H version by Laxity

  • Replaced Masters of the Universe in Terraquake with OneLoad64 version

  • Replaced Maxwell Manor - The Skull of Doom with OneLoad64 version

  • Replaced Mean Streets with +6DRW Easyflash version by Nostalgia

  • Replaced Mind Control with OneLoad64 version

  • Replaced Moon Cresta with +6DHM version by Hokuto Force

  • Replaced Mordon's Quest with OneLoad64 version

  • Replaced Neverending Story, The with MultiLoad64 version

  • Replaced On-Field Football with OneLoad64 version

  • Replaced Pac-Man with +1DGHM version by Raiders of the Lost Empire

  • Replaced Panther with +1DHMP version by Raider of the Lost Empire

  • Replaced Phobia with +14DFH Tapecart version by Nostalgia

  • Replaced Predator with MultiLoad64 version

  • Replaced Punch & Judy with OneLoad64 version

  • Replaced Retrograde with +3 Easyflash version by WideGuy Industries

  • Replaced Robocop 2 with +1 Easyflash version by Master

  • Replaced Robocop with updated bugfix version of +8DFHIR version by Nostalgia

  • Replaced Rootin' Tootin' with +4HGD version by Hokuto Force

  • Replaced Scramble Infinity with V1.2 +7D version by Excess

  • Replaced Silicon Warrior with OneLoad64 version

  • Replaced Slaine The Celtic Barbarian with OneLoad64 version

  • Replaced Summer Games II with MultiLoad64 version

  • Replaced Summer Games with MultiLoad64 version

  • Replaced Super Trolley with OneLoad64 version

  • Replaced SWIV with +12DFHIR Easyflash version by Nostalgia

  • Replaced Terramex with version by Fusion

  • Replaced Treasure Island (Mastertronic) with OneLoad64 version

  • Replaced Turbo Charge with +10DFHIR version by Nostalgia

  • Replaced Underwurlde with +4DG version by Alpha Flight + Hokuto Force

  • Replaced Up´n Down with +1DGH version by Raiders of the Lost Empire

  • Replaced Vigilante with +6DHI version by Hokuto Force

  • Replaced World Series Baseball with OneLoad64 version


  • Added Microprose Soccer (Indoor) as additional app (right-click menu) for Microprose Soccer

  • Replaced Kacper (Polish) with Kulfon in the Bad Demons Land (English)

  • Update DB association for Finders Keepers to be the Mastertronic game, not Carousel (media was already correct)

  • Adjusted cropping on Thruster Ball and Mega Thrusterball

  • Added custom cropping for Cabal as the top and bottom were being cut off previously

  • Added custom cropping for F1 GP Circuits and Infinity Worlds in the Space as the bottom was being cut off previously

  • Corrected missing save disk for The Magic Candle (simultaneous cart and disk)

  • Updated Retroarch to 1.11 (custom-compiled for cg support)

  • Updated remap files to use LStick to Digital (Forced) because of changes to Retroarch since 1.9.4 which make the stick not work correctly without this setting

  • Set new input_hotkey_block_delay value to 0 as using any higher value serves no purpose in this setting other than to potentially cause erroneous inputs (back/select does nothing on its own, by design)

  • Corrected config editor notes to list hard sync as false by default

  • Renamed "Mercenary" to "Mercenary (Novagen Software)" because Mercenary (Krysal) was added

  • Renamed "Ninja" to "Ninja (Mastertronic)" because Ninja (SoftGold) and Ninja (FHD Software) were added

  • Renamed "Zaxxon" to "Zaxxon (Synapse Software)" because Zaxxon (Sega) was added

  • Renamed "Super Zaxxon" to "Super Zaxxon (HesWare)" because Super Zaxxon (Sega) was added

  • Renamed "Black Knight" to "Black Knight (TimSoft)" because Black Knight (Interdisc) was added

  • Renamed "Mini Golf" to "Mini Golf (Magic Bytes)" because Mini Golf (Capcom) was added

  • Renamed "Double Dragon" to "Double Dragon (Melbourne House)" because Double Dragon (Ocean) was added

  • Renamed "Exorcist" to "Exorcist (Magic Bytes)" because Exorcist (Mr. Micro) was added

  • Renamed "Brian Jack's Superstar Challenge" to "Brian Jacks Superstar Challenge"

  • Renamed "Elvira II - The Mistress Strikes Back" to "Elvira II"

  • Renamed "Punch and Judy" to "Punch & Judy"

  • Renamed "Knightmare" to "Knightmare (Activision)"

  • Renamed "Frankenstein (Zepplin Games)" to "Frankenstein (Zeppelin Games)"

  • Added a.k.a. title of "The Official Father Christmas Game" to Father Christmas

  • Added a.k.a. title of "Tower Toppler" to Nebulus

  • Added a.k.a. title of "Dream Team Challenge 3 on 3" to Dream Team Basketball

  • Added a.k.a. title of "Final Assault" to Chamonix Challenge

  • Added a.k.a. title of "Gear Works" to Clik Clak

  • Added a.k.a. title of "Oil Imperium" to Black Gold

  • Added a.k.a. title of "Mr. Angry" to Stringer

  • Added a.k.a. title of "Armageddon Man" to Global Commander

  • Added a.k.a. title of "Swash" to Snokie

  • Updated HTML code for the codewheels for Hillsfar, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons - Curse of the Azure Bonds, Legacy of the Ancients, Chip's Challenge, Sorcerer and Rocket Ranger to improve accuracy / size calculations. Thanks @azazel_1125 !

  • Removed Cosmic Relief as it was a duplicate of Terramex

  • Removed Cavern Fighter as it was a duplicate of DNA Warrior

  • Removed Kinetix as it was a dupliate of Dynamix

  • Removed Head Start as it was a duplicate of Schizofrenia

  • Removed I-Wizard as it was a duplicate of Spooks

  • Removed Dive Bomber as it was a duplicate of Night Raider

  • Added review for Chamonix Challenge (referred to as "Final Assault" in Zzap! 64)

  • Corrected Crossbow, Deliverance - Stormlord II, Demon Attack, and Laser Squad to use joystick port 1

  • Added alternate launch option for Portal (2018) for mouse control

  • Fixed Planet X2 config installer so that it can now accept the user-supplied rom in either .d64 or .crt format

  • Replaced Vandalism News 70 with REU version

  • Removed auto-loading state from First Samurai - it would sometimes cause the game to not load correctly

  • Removed one Zzap!64 review for Faery Tale Adventure, The that was included erroneously - it was for the Amiga version

  • Added save disks to Dragonworld, Fahrenheit 451, Majik, The Necris-Dome, Nine Princes in Amber, Perry Mason, Pilgrim, Quest for the Holy Grail, and The Ring of Power

  • Added custom cropping to Winter Camp as the bottom part of the screen was cut off previously

  • Removed notes overlay for Karateka as it's no longer necessary for the new version of the game that's included

  • Added Ozone II as additional app (right-click) option for Radius - it's a hack of that game

  • Adjusted Questprobe titles so that they default to European version and then added US version as an additional app (right-click) menu option

  • Added missing Zzap!64 reviews for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons - Secret of the Silver Blades, Gradius, and The Island of Dr. Destructo

  • Added Elite: Flicker Free version as additional app (right-click) option for Elite

  • Added missing notes overlay for Rescue on Fractalus! (SuperCPU version)

  • Replaced Trashman with New Generation Software version (this was the intended version to begin with, but was incorrectly using the Creative Software version previously)

  • Replaced Caveman with Arlasoft version (this was the intended version to begin with, but was incorrectly using the Compute! version previously)

  • Renamed "International Tennis" to "International Tennis (Zeppelin Games)", corrected media/metadata to match, as well as removed the Zzap!64 review and manual as these were all for the Commodore version, not Zeppelin

  • Added some missing images for SID tracks (only relevant in some image views)

  • Added missing 4-player config settings for Hockey Mania and Zatacka

  • Fixed a bug with Zatacka which caused the order of player inputs to be incorrect

  • Set It's Magic II to use TDE + autowarp - some versions of this game apparently require it

  • Added missing additional app (right-click) option for the Easyflash version of Sam's Journey

  • Added external save disk to Briley Witch Chronicles as this allows the user to continue to keep their saves if the developer updates the game; added a note in the game's folder about rom naming in this case - you need to name the cartridge rom "Game.crt" so that both the game and disk can be attached at the same time - if you've already installed the game previously you will need to rename your rom from "Briley Witch Chronicles.crt" to "Game.crt"

  • Fixed a broken reference in the .bat for Metal Dust

  • Updated Star Paws to latest (bugfixed) OL64 version

  • Corrected publisher name for The Isle of the Cursed Prophet and The Sky is Falling to be "Psytronik Software" instead of "Psytronic Software"

  • Renamed "Lost Realms of Murkasada: Episode 1" in LB to "Lost Realms of Murkasada" and added both Episode 1 and Episode 2 as additional apps (right-click menu) - default launch is Episode 1; updated fanart box and 3D box title accordingly

  • Made GPU Screenshots enabled by default


  • Remade every single 3D box in the collection - the rationale for this is that, originally, the 2000~ that I made were designed to mimic the same style as that used by a user on the Launchbox forums (marcoooo) who made a set of 3D boxes for C64 games, and his boxes had the logo for "The C64" (i.e. the plug and play device from a couple years ago) on them, which this project has no affiliation with (not that I have anything against them, I think it's a cool project) - this had always irritated my OCD, so I finally decided that I was going to remake them all from scratch without the logo, covering both the ones that I had created previously and all the ones from marcoooo's set that I was using; many cover improvements were made along the way so it was worth it in the end, but hoo boy was this a long and tedious undertaking

  • Replaced hundreds of box covers with higher quality ones

  • Added hundreds of new manuals, bringing the total to 1930, with 55% coverage - many of these were found thanks to the help of the amazing Smiling Spectre of the eXoDOS project, thanks again dude!

  • Changed all games to use 6581 SID instead of 8580 - I started noticing a few too many instances where things just didn't sound right with 8580 + digiboost; the SID and demoscene stuff are still set to 8580 unless I'd specified otherwise previously

  • Upscaled all bezels to 4k - there were some minor scaling artifacts when upscaling from the previously 1080p bezels to a higher resolution such as 1440p, but not when downscaling from a higher resolution

  • Upscaled all notes overlays to 4k

  • Upscaled all screenshots by 4x with nearest neighbor scaling to preserve quality - this increased the total filesize by less than 100MB but made them a lot easier to see in the process; some of the screenshots were relatively poor quality to begin with so in some cases this is just polishing a turd, but the vast majority of them are a nice improvement

  • Color and contrast corrected hundreds of screenshots (still a work-in-progress)

  • Added new column to game details spreadsheet to indicate source (CSDb, GB64, etc.) and added links to GB64 pages where relevant

  • Replaced "Text Adventure" column on game details spreadsheet with "Genre" and added genre tags for text adventures, RPGs, and Shmups; others will be added over time as this is a work in progress

  • Added additional games to Best of Vol. 7 and created new playlist for Best of Vol. 8

  • L'Abbaye des Morts has gone free to download so the rom for it is now included!

  • Linked hundreds of games to LBGDB entries that didn't exist when they were originally added

  • Added missing release date years wherever possible (only 22 games in the collection are missing this info now - cases where the release year is unknown)

  • Reset last played, play time, and play counts for all LB entries

  • Set all games installed status to yes in Launchbox

  • Added 4k variant of CRT-Easymode-Halation-C64 shader in Configurator

New custom note overlays:

  • Amaurote Isometric

  • Avoid the Noid

  • Beyond the Forbidden Forest

  • Delve - The Goblin's Grotto

  • Demon Attack

  • Duck Hunt

  • Fire King

  • First Samurai

  • Intruder: The Space Quest

  • Kobayashi Naru

  • Kwah!

  • Lady Tut

  • Las Vegas Casino

  • Lords

  • Macadam Bumper

  • Mafia

  • Magic House

  • Magic Rufus

  • Magic Wood

  • Magus, The

  • Master Blaster (Zeppelin)

  • Masters of Time

  • Masters of Time

  • Mechanicus

  • Mercenaries

  • Metalmaze

  • Metron

  • Mickey's Space Adventure

  • Mig-29 Soviet Fighter

  • Milk Race

  • Minotrace

  • Mission Omega

  • Monstrum

  • Moonsweeper (Imagic)

  • Mopper

  • MOT

  • Mr. Cool

  • Necris-Dome, The

  • Nord and Bert Couldn't Make Head or Tail of It

  • Nu, pagadi!

  • Nuclear Embargo

  • P-47 Thunderbolt

  • Pac-Land

  • Pik n Mix

  • Quark IX

  • S.P.R.E.R.O.

  • Shard of Inovar

  • Venom

  • West Bank

  • Working Stone, The

  • Zeppelin

New games:



Acid Rain

Advanced Tactical Fighter

After Burner (Activision)

After Burner (Mindscape)

Airwolf II


Amaurote Isometric

Ant Attack



Arctic Shipwreck

Art from China

Artillery Duel Deluxe

Astro Pilot

Authentic Tetris, The

Aztec Tomb Adventure

Babylon's Ark

Bagman Comes Back

Bagman Strikes Back

Ball & Chain

Ball Crazy

Battle Kingdom*



Bburago Rally

Black Hawk

Black Holes

Black Knight (Interdisc)


Bomberman C64



Briley Witch Chronicles*

Brimstone - The Dream of Gawain

Buffalo Roundup

Bugs Inc.

Burnin' Rubber

Castle Shadowgate

Chuckie Egg II

Cisco Heat

Cosmic Combat DX

Cosmic Meals

Crime and Punishment

Crossfire (Atlantis Software)

Crystal Fever

Curse of Rabenstein, The - 40th Anniversary Edition

Curse, The

Cycles, The

Daley Thompson's Decathlon

Daley Thompson's Supertest



Deliverance (The Power House)

Delve - The Goblin's Grotto

Demon Star II

Demons of Topaz

Dicing With Death

Double Dragon (Ocean)

Droid Rumble

Duck Hunt

Escape MCP


Evil Dungeon

Exorcist (Mr. Micro)


Eye of the Beholder

Final Programme, The


Flying Saucers

Footballer of the Year

Footballer of the Year 2

Frogs and Flies 64

Fruit Machine Simulator

Fruit Machine Simulator 2

Galaxian DX

Gilligan's Gold


Gold Quest 6

Gyro Run

Halley Project, The

Head Hunter


Heavy Metal Paradroid

Hollywood Hijinx

Hunchback II - Quasimodo's Revenge


James Fly

Jr. Pac-Man

Jungle Joe

Ket Trilogy, The

Key-Quest 64

Kick and Kill

Kill the Saucers


Killer Games

Killer Watt

Killing Machine


Kinetic Connection

King's Bounty

King's Ransom

Kings of the Beach

Kitron - The Duel


Knight Trap

Knight's Journey

Knightmare! (Romik Software)

Knights & Demons


Knötie in Cave

Kobayashi Naru


Kong Strikes Back!


Kosmic Kanga


Krypton (Ace Software)




L.A. Police Department


Labyrinth Adventure

Lady Tut


Lancer Lords

Land of Neverwhere

Land of the Purple Sea

Lane Crazy

Lane Mastodon vs The Blubbermen

Las Vegas Casino


Latent Fusion

Laurel & Hardy

Lava Flow

Lawn Tennis



Lazer Duel

Lazer Maze (Ranger Software)

Lazer Tag


Le Parc

Leap Frog

Leaping Larry (Krypton Force)

Leather Goddesses of Phobos

Legend of Kage

Legend of Leydon House, The

Legend of the Knucker-Hole, The

LeiLei Relay

Leisure Suit Leo II - The Secret of Maniac Island




Lethal Weapon




Light Cycles (Joe Young)

Lights On

Limes & Napoleon

Line of Fire

Lions of the Universe

Little Dragon, The

Little Green Man

Little Nippers Deluxe

Liverpool - The Computer Game

Living Daylights, The

Livingstone I Presume


Logic (CP Verlag) (1993)

Long Life

Long Riders, The

Loopy Landa



Lords of Doom


Lost Crown of Queen Anne, The

Lost Ninja, The

Love Tramp

Lucky Egg



Lunar Jailbreak

Lunar Leeper


Lykia - The Lost Island

Macadam Bumper

Mad Mix Game - The Pepsi Challenge

Mad Springs



Magess of Midgard

Magic Duel

Magic Events, The

Magic House

Magic Johnson's Basketball

Magic Madness

Magic Micro Mission

Magic of Endoria

Magic Rufus

Magic Stone

Magic Wood

Magical Formula

Magus, The



Marble Springs


Mars Patrol

Marsh Fighter

Master Blaster (Zeppelin Games)

Master Ninja - Shadow Warrior of Death

Masters of Time

Match Buster

Match Day

Match Point


Max Torque

Maxi Golf

Maximum Overdrive

Mayday Squad!

Maze Chase

Maze Chase Again


Mean Car

Mean City

Mean Machine


Mega Starforce - Return to the Great Star

Mega Starforce Remix




Metal Warrior Ultra*

Metallic Legend



Mickey Mouse

Mickey's Space Adventure

Micro Mouse



MicroLeague Baseball

MicroLeague WWF Wrestling

Midnight Raider

Miecze Valdgira II

Mig-29 Soviet Fighter

Mike Mech


Milk Race

Millie & Molly


Mini Golf (Capcom)

Mini Putt




Missile Blasta Remastered

Missile Command (Interceptor Software)

Mission 1 - Project Volcano

Mission 2 - Project Gibraltar

Mission Jupiter (Codemasters)

Mission Jupiter (Softdisk)

Mission Monday

Mission Omega

Mission on Thunderhead

Mission X-2


Mollusk Redux, The

Monday Night Football

Mondu's Fight Palace

Monster Buster

Monster Mash




Monty Mole

Monty Python's Flying Circus

Moon Crises 1999

Moon Crystals

Moon Hop

Moon Patrol

Moon Stroll

Moon Survival



Moonraker (Loadstar)


Moonsweeper (Imagic)

Moonsweeper (Tronic Verlag)




Motocross (Codemasters)

Motor Massacre

Motorbike Madness


Mouse Trap

Movie Mayhem

Moving Target

Mr. Cool

Mr. Dig

Mr. Dynamite

Mr. Speedy and His Adventures

Mr. Wino

Ms. Pac-Man

MTV Remote Control

Murder in the Mediterranean

Murder in the Monastery

Murder in the Museum

Murder on the Zinderneuf

Murder Times Seven!

Murray Mouse - Supercop

Mutant Monty

Mysterious Mountain

Mystery (CP Verlag)

Mystery (Magna Media)

Mystery Master - Felony!

Mystery Master - Murder by the Dozen

Mystery of the Nile

Mystical Mission

Myth (Rainbird)

NaCl - Natriumchlorid


Nanako in Classic Japanese Monster Castle


NATO Assault Course




Necris-Dome, The

Necromancer's Realm, The

NEIL Android

Nemesis - Escape From Euboea

Neptune's Caverns

Neptune's Daughters


Nether Earth


Nibbler (Compute)

Nick Faldo's Championship Golf

Night Driver

Night Raid (TND)

Night Raider

Nightmare on Elm Street, A

Nightmare Planet


Ninja (SoftGold)

Ninja Massacre


Nixy - The Glade Sprite

NO - Never Outside!

No Limit



Nord and Bert Couldn't Make Head or Tail of It

North Sea Inferno, The

Nosferatu the Vampyre

Nu, pagadi!

Nuclear Embargo


Ocean Conqueror

Ocean Ranger

Odyssey (Little Red Hen Software)

Oh No!


Old Mine Hoist

Olin in Emerald - Kingdom of Myrrh

Omega Force One



Omni-Play Basketball

Omni-Play Horse Racing

On Ice

On the Farm

On the Farm II

On the Farm III

One on One

One-Day Cricket


Operation Anoria

Operation Firestorm

Operation Hanoi

Operation Metalstorm

Operation Neptune

Orb of Millean

Orbital Rescue



Oregon Trail

Ormus Saga II, The - Guild of Death

Ormus Saga III, The - The Final Chapter

Ormus Saga, The


Ostfriesland Games




Over the Top

Overkill - The Death of New Generation


Oy Up!

P-47 Thunderbolt



Pacos Pete - The High Plains Drifter


Pale Moon



Paper Planes

Party Quest


PHM Pegasus

Pik n Mix


Pole Position II

Popeye (A400)

Power at Sea

Powerboat Simulator

President is Missing, The

Project Space Station

Puzzle Bobble


Quark IX

Questprobe II - Spider-Man


Rags to Riches

Rainbow Chaser


Ray Fish DX



River Raid 2

Roadwar 2000

Robot Jet Action

RodMan Jr.


Run Santa Run!



Santa's Workout

Scout the Stray

Shard of Inovar

Sigma 7

Silk Dust

Skate Rock

Slash with Ash


Snow Strike

Snowball Sunday

Soul Force*

Space Harrier II

Space Racer

Special Agent

Spirit of the Stones

Star Eggs

Star Fleet I - The War Begins!

Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back


Stella Gets a Lobotomy

Stellar 7

Straight Up

Strike Fleet

Strike Team

Sub Chase 64

Subway Vigilante

Sum Ducks


Super Pac-Man

Super Zaxxon (Sega)

Survivors, The

Swiss Family Robinson


Tales of the Arabian Nights


Tenebra 2

They Stole a Million


Tooth Invaders

Track & Field



Treasure Island (Windham Classics)

Tristan and Isolde

Turrican III


Tutankham Returns






War in Middle Earth

Wizard of Oz, The

Working Stone, The

Yie Ar Kung-Fu II

Zaxxon (Sega)


Zero Gravity

Zone Z

Zytron Mega Blast

*these games are available commercially so the roms are not supplied

New Magazines:

Commodore Format 55-61 (complete)

Your 64 1-14 (complete)

Commodore Power-Play 1-23 (complete)

New Demos:

Amanita by Samar Productions

Christmas Megademo by Atlantis+Bonzai+Genesis Project+Lethargy+Offence

Cocktail To Go by Bonzai

E2IRA by Arise

F20 by Lethargy

I Adore My C64 by Lethargy

Lifecycle by Offence + Prosonix

The World Is Not Enough - We Need More Scrollers by Bonzai

Thirsty by Atlantis

Fjortis by Fatzone

New SID:

Ash & Dave - Dual Cassette II (SID Collection)

Chuinho - Future Unsure (Digi Drama)

Chuinho & Shogoon - N.O.I.R.

Dave - Journey Through the Prism

F7sus4 - Timewarp Spheres

Fegolhuzz - Bruce Printscreen

Flex - Pilgrimage to Paradise

Flotsam - City of Love (Extended Edition)

Flotsam - Daiquiri Island Song

Flotsam - Evoluer

Flotsam - Hues

Flotsam - Luma

Flotsam - Monumenta Absentiae

Flotsam - Raster Heroes

Hate Bush - Do Drum Machines Dream?

Hermit+Shogoon+Nordischsound - Diamond City Radio (SID Collection)

Jammer - Brooke Lynne

Jammer - Constellations

Jammer - Latest Revision

Jammer - Miami Shoreline

Jammer - Persona Non Grata

Juzdie - Step Acide

Lft - Sommargubbe

Linus - MultiStyleHills, 90210

Linus - Simon & Motherfunkel

LukHash - Cyberchip Musicdisk (SID Collection)

MCH - Bionic Storm III

Mibri - Lydia on Speed Dial

Mutetus - Gunnar Ö

Mutetus - Tooting My Own Horn

Nordischsound - Warriors of the World

psych858o - Cyberpsych

psych858o - kHz

Shogoon - CheeZZy Top

Shogoon - Hedgehog the Hero

Shogoon - No More Alibis

Shogoon - Something to Sing

Stinsen - Hardwood

theK - (The Next) Awakening

Vincenzo - Destination: Funktown

I also want to once again thank all the people that helped contribute to this update in various ways. Thanks again, I appreciate the support!

sonninnos for continually working with me and improving the VICE Retroarch core, being a sounding board for ideas, and helping me work through unusual issues Smiling Spectre for helping me track down a ton of obscure manuals this go round StatMat for his awesome OneLoad64 project which you can check out here - this is a great project and you'll likely notice that many of the updated games came from this collection The folks at The Museum of Computer Adventure Game History and the Ultimate Tape Archive Everyone who contributes time and energy on improving the LBGDB with media and metadata!

Everyone who has requested specific games to be added, helped with testing, or any other number of ways large or small. Thank you all!

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Feb 17


Gonna rock this on my Kungfu Flash


James Lernestål
James Lernestål
Feb 07

What an absoluteely fantastic compilation and such an amazing work you have done here. Huge thanks!


Karsten Langenfeld
Karsten Langenfeld
Nov 03, 2023

Thank you very much, this is amazing. Is there some kind of manual somewhere? I cant figure out how to swap disks, and it keeps asking me to do some for some games


Harry Thrasher
Harry Thrasher
May 07, 2023

Are these installer packages hard/time consuming to make? Do you have more PC games coming up? Do you take requests?


Michael Spahn
Michael Spahn
May 01, 2023

Amazing work as always, Zomb.

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