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I've been asked on occasion if I would consider starting a Patreon or if there's any way people can donate money to help. I've never been thrilled with the idea simply because this is something that I do because I think it's important and because it's something that I genuinely enjoy. Were that not the case I wouldn't be doing it, period. Money has never been a factor in that equation, but I do have to consider the reality that I spend money on this site every year to keep the proverbial lights on. So if people appreciate the work that I do and want to help in that regard, I'm grateful.

It needs to be stated, explicitly and emphatically, that no work that I do will ever, ever be charged for, nor will that work cease for lack of donations - that's going to continue either way, freely available to everyone. If you decide you want to donate to the cause, understand that you are not purchasing anything from me.

I'm extremely thankful that people appreciate the work that I do enough to even offer to donate or contribute in any number of ways. It inspires and energizes me and lets me know that I'm on the right track. I hope to bring you loads of classic games for many years to come. Love you guys.

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