Added: 2/24/18 | Genre: Sports / Minigolf | Platform: Windows | Emulator: None

Remember mini golf? Scrambling around the Astroturf on a hot summer night trying desperately to beat your buddies to the windmill? We've got mini golf just the way you remember... only much, much cooler.


3D Ultra Minigolf has the vintage holes you love, plus a whole bunch of new ones you won't believe! And they're all jam-packed with gadgets, gizmos, strange creatures, and crazy sound effects - taking a favorite pastime to a whole new level of fun!

Whack the ball between erupting volcanoes or bank a putt through a bustling space port. Watch in disbelief as your ball disintegrates in molten lava or - worse yet - your best friend sinks a hole-in-one!

Added: 3/26/19 | Genre: Action / Run-and-gun | Platform: DOS | Emulator: DOSBox ECE / Retroarch

Note: Updated to version 2 on 4/11/19

Military scientists have been conducting diabolical genetic experiments that have created bloodthirsty, mutated monsters. You are the only hope to prevent the mutagen from leaking out – if you can get through the grotesque monsters, solve the deadly puzzles and avoid all incoming fire.

You've got a kick-ass arsenal at your disposal. The energy rifle, napalm bombs and death sabers just a few ways to lay waste! Move in complete 360° freedom to annihilate the opposition. Discover power-ups in secret rooms by destroying floors, walls and ceilings. Rain death from above in unique jet boots. Suit up!

Added: 2/23/18 | Genre: Strategy / Management | Platform: DOS | Emulator: DOSBox Daum / Retroarch

Note: Updated to version 2 on 4/10/19

The UNS Calypso is an ark packed with the human refugees of a horrendous interstellar war. Your mission here, in this unknown quadrant of the galaxy, is to continue the human race. The challenges facing you are truly awesome. You must explore planets and moons to discover viable colony sites in potentially hostile environments. To ensure the survival of the colonies, you must locate critical resources and establish reliable supply lines. You must direct the growth of your colony sites, balancing population growth against production capacity and resource consumption. From the bridge of the Calypso, you will control, guide, and inspire the activities of thousands of people. But with this power comes grave responsibility. You must lead wisely to maintain their confidence and assure the success of the colonies and the future of humanity.

Added: 3/7/2018 | Genre: Point-And-Click Adventure / 1st person | Platform: Windows 95 | Emulator: PCem

A glittering complex of gigantic glass domes built high in the Andes, a world in miniature contained within a "closed-life system", totally sealed and self sustaining, with four distinct landscapes of jungle, savannah, ocean, and evolution, connected by a subterranean network of life-sustaining technosphere machinery... Nothing goes in, nothing comes out; and you are no exception

Tortured by ghostly visions, you must penetrate the poisonous, freezing gloom of the devastated Evolution Biome and discover its deadly secrets. Pursued, hunted down and trapped in a hermetically-sealed paradise, you must revive Biosphere 4 back to dynamic equilibrium if you are to make it out alive.

Added: 2/13/18 | Genre: Point-And-Click Adventure / 3rd person | Platform: Windows | Emulator: None

Note: Now available on GOG! Links changed to that release.

Welcome to Los Angeles, 2019. The gnarled buildings of downtown Los Angeles are drenched in the mist and shadows of uncertainty. Off-world colonization has become reality. Replicants are illegal on Earth - by penalty of death. As part of a special police squad - Blade Runners - you have orders to shoot to kill, upon detection, any tresspassing Replicant.​ This is not called Murder. It is called Retirement.​ You are Ray McCoy, a rookie Blade Runner. Usually, you're assigned to false leads and public complaints, but a rash of Replicant detections and your new lieutenant have given you the chance to investigate an especially vicious case of animal murder. Most people in LA, 2019 wouldn't think of killing one of the precious few real animals left.​ Replicants may be involved.

Added: 4/27/18 | Genre: Point-And-Click Adventure / 1st person | Platform: Windows 3.1 | Emulator: DOSBox Daum

You get to expose the crime!!! Beautiful Holly Jacobson, an L.A.P.D. Detective, must go under cover to catch a serial killer who is preying on the sexy models and cover girls of L.A. Erotica Magazine. Meet the steamy erotic dancers who reveal their innermost sexual secrets to you!

Added: 10/26/18 | Genre: Point-And-Click Adventure / 1st person | Platform: Windows 3.1 | Emulator: DOSBox Daum

Sol Cutter's latest data theft has gone straight to his head, along with the deadly virus Burn:Cycle. Even now, the virus is eating his brain from the inside out.

As Sol Cutter, you have two hours to deactivate the virus by using your brain - while you still have one!

The original cinematic adventure game, where engrossing gameplay meets Blade Runner-style cinematic action. Plunge into the surrealistic world where dozens of characters compel you through mind-expanding challenges, and one shocking conclusion!

Added: 3/21/18 | Genre: Various | Platform: Commodore 64 | Emulator: CCS64 + DOSBox Daum

C64 Dreams is a curated collection of 128 Commodore 64 games; Launchbox is used to organize them.

The Commodore 64 is an 8-bit home computer introduced in January 1982 by Commodore International. It has been listed in the Guinness World Records as the highest-selling single computer model of all time, with independent estimates placing the number sold between 10 and 17 million units. Volume production started in early 1982. Preceded by the Commodore VIC-20 and Commodore PET, the C64 took its name from its 64 kilobytes of RAM. It had superior sound and graphical specifications compared to other earlier systems such as the Apple II and Atari 800, with multi-color sprites and a more advanced sound processor.

Added: 3/3/18 | Genre: FPS | Platform: DOS | Emulator: DOSBox 0.74

Humankind, in the process of evolution, has encountered a mysterious phenomenon - the destruction of the normal flow of time. From the past to the future, time rifts are forming in Earth's atmosphere. These rifts lead to different periods of history. Through them the most aggressive creatures from the past, present, and future, have begun to infiltrate our time. These mutants, known as Timestrikers, have begun a complete and systematic eradication of all human life.

You are a specially trained commando who has been volunteered to investigate a recent attack by the Timestrikers. Utilizing an arsenal of devastating weapons and mysterious items from the past and future, you have been authorized to terminate any mutant creatures that attempt to obstruct your investigation.

Added: 8/5/18 | Genre: Point-And-Click Adventure / 3rd person | Platform: DOS | Emulator: DOSBox 0.74

In this groundbreaking graphic adventure, guide Korda, the Chronomaster, on a mission beyond your wildest dreams in a future where magic and science co-exist! "Pocket universes" have been shut down, as someone or something has put them into a time-locked stasis. Lives are at stake! Korda must use his bottled time to solve the mystery, re-start the universes and return justice to the stars!

Added: 2/20/18 | Point-And-Click Adventure / 1st person | Platorm: DOS | Emulator: DOSBox 0.74

Xanth - where emerald hillsides sparkle in the sunlight and magical springs bubble with enchanted waters; where lyrebirds play mystical tunes and needle cacti inflict a deadly sting...

Two otherworldly and all-powerful demons are competing with two unwitting human champions over the future of the magical realm of Xanth. One of these unlikely champions is Dug Mundane, a young lad from our world who has just broken up with his girlfriend Pia. His friend Edsel sends him a computer game, betting that if Dug ends up liking it he'll forfeit his attempts to win Pia's heart back. However, when Dug puts the game disk into his computer, he is teleported to Xanth, where his adventures begin.

Added: 2/21/18 | Genre: Adventure | Platform: DOS | Emulator: DOSBox 0.74

You've just dropped through 1,000 miles of gaseous nitrogen in your exo-rover, in search of a big, ugly alien with information to peddle. This planet's no picnic; the light is weird, the smell is awful, and the trail is getting mighty cold. But you haven't come this far for nothing, so you grit your titanium teeth, endure a few lame non-Terran wisecracks, and finally get some answers.

You're Commander Blood, part human, part robot. Your mission: cruise the universe, withstand bad alien comedy, and discover the meaning of life. It's as easy as jump-starting a fusion booster.

Added: 10/21/18 | Genre: Point-And-Click Adventure / 1st person | Platform: Windows 3.1 | Emulator: DOSBox Daum

The Dark Eye is the role-playing adventure game set in the haunting nightmare world of murder and malevolence. Players are challenged to unlock their fates within a twisted labyrinth populated by dozens of characters and channeled by plots and points of view inspired by the works of Edgar Allan Poe.

The incredible 3D animated realm of The Dark Eye features hundreds of views in four separate story worlds. An elaborate array of cursors draws you directly into macabre plots, taking the graphic adventure to a new level of intrigue and horror. Explore the minds of murderers, madmen, and their terrified victims as every object you touch, every corner you turn, every choice you make reveals another layer of suspence.

Added: 2/15/18 | Genre: Point-And-Click Adventure / 3rd person | Platform: DOS / 3.1 | Emulator: DOSBox 0.74 / DOSBox Daum

Challenge your mind... You are Mike Dawson, a science fiction writer who just purchased an old victorian house. As you explore your new home, you soon discover that you have bought more than you bargained for.

Control the fate of two worlds... the world as we know it, and the dark world of an ancient and dying civilization. Unlock the secret of a sinister plot and discover the dark passage to their world... a place more terrifying than your darkest nightmare.

Time is running out... You are on a collision course with destiny and only you have the ability to save yourself and the world from a cruel and inhumane fate. Every decision may be your last, so choose wisely...

Added: 2/2/19 | Genre: Point-And-Click Adventure / 1st person | Platform: DOS | Emulator: DOSBox ECE

Rumors of an ancient document of awesome power... a strange murder at the dockside... As you check into your hotel, the desk clerk hands you a note - and you are drawn into a mystery of menacing proportions.

Use your Cook's Guide, contacts and city map to research ancient tribes and rites - and unearth the secrets of a long-forgotten evil in the perilous, mysterious world of Alexandria - where the truth and legend of ancient Egypt meet!

What is reality... what is fantasy? Experience the eerie transition from fact to fiction!

Added: 5/4/19 | Genre: Point-And-Click Adventure / 1st person | Platform: DOS | Emulator: DOSBox Daum / Retroarch

Long ago the powerful Sartans broke the World Seal and sundered the planet into five magical realms. Since then, generations of defeated Patryns have survived bleak existence in the nightmarish prison of the Labrynth. But now, one man discovers the Death Gate, a treacherous crossing that leads to freedom. His quest: to recover the scattered pieces of the World Seal, wreak his revenge and deliver his people to freedom!

A dragon ship piloted by magic... a deserted shining city...  mystical lands of elves, dwarves, and sorcerers... Now the dark fantasy realms of the Death Gate are yours to explore in this beautiful and thrilling graphic adventure.

Added: 1/10/19 | Genre: Point-And-Click Adventure / 3rd person | Platform: DOS | Emulator: ScummVM

You'll find here wizards, dragons, heroes and household hygiene specialists. There is danger here, but there is also custard around the place; because Discworld is a fantasy world with a low reality threshold. The real world keeps on breaking through - but Discworld changes it.

A dragon is now ravaging Ankh-Morpork, the world's leading city. Many people would consider that this falls under the heading of civic improvement, but what Ankh-Morpork needs right now is a hero. All it's got, however, is Rincewind the wizard, whose only talent is that he is not in fact dead yet. He also has the Luggage, the nastiest piece of travelware in the Universe. With that at his side, there is probably no limit to the things he can do...

Added: 2/12/18 | Genre: Point-And-Click Adventure / 3rd person | Platform: DOS | Emulator: DOSBox Daum / Retroarch

Note: Updated to version 2 on 4/9/19

In your dreams, you travel to the Dreamweb. The plane of subconsciousness affects your life every day. It controls the very heart of civilization itself. This web is controlled by several people who each contain the power of a node within the web. The characteristics of these people imbue the web, and hence the World, with their own strengths and weaknesses. As one of the nodes dies it is transferred to another human, and so the forces within the web fluctuate.​ But all this is about to be shattered. Now, all seven nodes are controlled by evil people. The web itself is about to be overrun and destined to remain evil forever!​ Only one person can stop this terrible catastrophe. You!​ You have been summoned by the keepers of the Web...

Added: 2/16/18 | Genre: Point-And-Click Adventure / 1st person | Platform: Windows | Emulator: None

You are Chosen.​ Many times have you lived before, so use wisely your intuition and your wit. Do not believe what you have been taught. History is a lie.

Dare to link ancient astronauts with the shadowy Majestic 12; Albert Einstein with the Philadelphia Experiment; the Great Pyramids with Roswell, New Mexico.​ Discover the truth behind the assassination of JFK, the 1968 Bermuda Triangle incident and the top secret Area 51.

Question your past. Protect your future. Beware false promises and new friends. Trust the Tarot and accept the mysteries of sacred numerology.

Added: 2/24/18 | Genre: RPG / Adventure | Platform: Amiga | Emulator: FS-UAE

Can somebody help me find my chest? 


No really, I'm serious! See, I've been remodeling this cold and moldy castle, right? So how was I to know that I'd wake up Queen Emelda -- especially since the old bat croaked hundreds of years ago! 


Anyway, Queenie-baby wants to come back from the dead and rule the world -- and the only way I can stop her and her monstrous minions is to find a secret scroll of spells, hidden in a big chest somewhere in this huge, 800-room castle.  Won't you help your poor innocent little Mistress? 

Added: 3/18/19 | Genre: Point-And-Click Adventure / 1st person | Platform: Windows 3.1 | Emulator: DOSBox Daum

​With a crash of lightning, you are reborn to a world of haunted memories and science is pushed beyond the bounds of nature. The burning memory of a child long thought dead and a discovery that crosses the boundaries between life and death.

This classic monster tale is reborn with a wicked twist... you are the monster. Adventure gaming combines with character interaction and puzzle solving to create a challenge and emotionally-driven experience.

From your first waking thoughts, to the crazed ranting of your creator, you will see, hear and experience a adventure like nothing before.​ Tim Curry delivers an wondrously complex and richly constructed role as Dr. Frankenstein that will leave you in stitches.

Added: 3/24/19 | Genre: Point-And-Click Adventure | Platform: Windows 3.1 / Windows 95 | Emulator: DOSBox Daum / PCem

West End Hotel room 306. A duralumin suitcase exchanged for your own. A mystery man who calls himself Slowslop. On the table a photograph of scientists.... This is where Gadget begins.

The keywords are Invention, Travel & Adventure. You board a train pulled by a streamlined steam locomotive and from the other passengers receive various pieces of information. While making the rounds of seven stations, a museum and an observatory you put together a collection of gadgets.

Added: 2/17/18 | Genre: FPS | Platform: Windows | Emulator: None

For years, hordes of bloodthirsty creatures and space-traveling bandits have been invading the peaceful planets in your end of the galaxy. You are the new leader of the Gunmen - the only source of law on the frontier.

It's been five years since the Xenome came, and the Gunmen only prevailed when the General sacrificed himself in a suicide attack. The Xenome are back - bigger and deadlier than ever. You must battle through dinosaur-infested jungles and corroded techno-wastelands to unravel the twisted secret behind their invasion.


Who is behind the Xenome infestation? Will you live long enough to find out?

Added: 2/13/18 | Genre: Action Adventure / 3rd person | Platform: Windows | Emulator: None

Years have passed since Julie defeated the would-be-God Lord Tyler on the bloody battlefields of the Holy Land. On the long journey from the Home Land to the Galaxy of the Twin Suns she gathered those without a home in the universe and brought them back to her homeworld of Eden.

As the colonists rebuilt their new world, they discovered something wonderful - the water of the new Eden is the beginning and end of all life. They have protected their world with a powerful energy shield and placed into orbit a F.A.K.K. 2 hazard beacon, alerting all who approach that Eden is a death trap. Knowing that their secret is hidden, the colonists have become happy and complacent in their comfort and safety.​ Meanwhile, from somewhere deep in space, a PlanetShip, a vessel which consumes entire worlds approaches...

Added: 4/4/19 | Genre: Point-And-Click Adventure / 3rd person | Platform: DOS | Emulator: DOSBox Daum / Retroarch

Beyond imagination, to the pits of man's fears, lies a new breed of evil. Hell: A Cyberpunk Thriller. A place where evil is right, and mercy is wrong.


The year is 2095, the government controls the gates oh Hell and has declared you a fugitive for sins against the state. You must unlock the secrets of the underworld to prove your innocence as you battle demons amid a cyberworld of sinister deceit and ruthless evil. Lavish high-resolution graphics and full motion multi-media videos make this nightmare disturbingly real.


Prepare for the horror... of Hell. 

Added: 2/12/18 | Genre: Point-And-Click Adventure / 1st Person | Platform: Windows 3.1 | Emulator: DOSBox Daum

The year is 2318. The unified world is finally at peace. But now, what took centuries to achieve could be instantly unraveled by the power of time travel.

You are a member of the Temporal Protectorate - an elite group of agents whose sole purpose is to safeguard history from sabotage. It is during your usual shift at the Temporal Security Annex when the warning alarms suddenly sound. A rip has been detected in the fabric of time. Only moments remain until the continuum is changed forever.

Your objective - jump back in time and prevent the corruption from ever happening!

Added: 10/24/18 | Genre: Point-And-Click Adventure / 1st Person | Platform: DOS | Emulator: DOSBox 0.74

Your aunt sure was a strange one. She was some sort of witch or something. A good witch though, practicing only good spells and magic. In fact, she was working on a potion just before she was killed. Now  the  secret  will go to the grave with her...  unless you can find the missing ingredients.


You, being her only living heir, received news and came quickly  to find out she had plans for you to continue with her work.  You  gain  title  to  her estate and her fortune only if you continue with her studies in the field of magic.

This is where your journey into darkness begins...

Added: 2/18/18 | Genre: Puzzle / Logic | Platform: Windows 3.1 | Emulator: DOSBox Daum

Not too long ago, Zoombinis enjoyed the good life. They lived happily on Zoombini Isle making small, useful products which were prized the world over. The Zoombinis had a sense of fulfillment and inner peace - not to mention healthy bank accounts.

Then one day, who should show up but the Bloats! The Bloats offered to help the Zoombinis grow their businesses, expand their trade routes, and improve their quality of life. Being trusting sorts, the Zoombinis agreed. But before long the Bloats had taken over everything and were stealing profits, canceling holidays, and piling on homework!​ Well, you can push Zoombinis only so far before they take matters into their own hands, so to speak. So they decided to escape and build a new home in a distant land...

Added: 2/26/18 | Genre: Point-And-Click Adventure / 3rd person | Platform: DOS | Emulator: ScummVM

The fog, always the fog. Without it, the city would still be a place like no other, but it would not be London. The sights, the smells, even the legends would not linger so without the thick, characteristic vapor to drift upon. The smell of perfumed hair entering or leaving Covent Garden Opera House wouldn't linger so in a fogless night, nor would the sulfurous smoke of cheap coal mix so piquantly with the smell of the open sewers in Whitechapel. It is a city of contrast, seeming all the more pronounced at night. But what the night can amplify it can also mask: the bloodlust in a murderous eye, the arc of a keen scalpel, a surprised gasp savagely cut short. This was the city of the Conqueror, the Lion-Heart, the Bard, the Virgin Queen... and now, the city of Jack the Ripper. But it is also the city of one more remarkable individual - Mr. Sherlock Holmes of 221B Baker Street. The Ripper, and his imitators, have found their nemesis.

Added: 4/18/18 | Genre: Survival Horror / Action | Platform: Emulator | Emulator: None

Hideous monstrosities are all around us, but they only come out when the sun is spent. They're like roaches - where there is one, there are hundreds; beneath you, in your walls, in the shadows, waiting for darkness to open their door. And like roaches, they are survivors - nuclear holocaust, ice ages, drought, and famine haven't wiped them out, and neither will The Spookhouse.

An ungodly evil inhabits the shadows. Werewolves, vampires, ghouls and flesh-eating zombies lurk in every darkened corner and under every unlit stairwell; their bloodlust sated only when preying on the innocent.

As an agent of The Spookhouse, a secret government agency that investigates the forces of darkness and evil, you have one purpose - to seek out and destroy these creatures. You hunt, as your vile quarry does, by night...

Added: 3/10/18 | Genre: Point-And-Click Adventure / 1st person | Platform: Windows 95 | Emulator: PCem

You arrive, a stranger in a strange land. Confused, disoriented, you make your way through the twisted, surreal world in search of your partner, Max. All you carry with you is the knowledge you've grown to accept as the truth. But you're about to discover that what the truth is depends on what world you're in. And in this world, the characters don't exactly do what you might expect them to. In this world, the laws of physics have somehow become contorted: what is up and what is down is merely a matter of opinion. Here, after every perplexing puzzle you solve, another lurks around the corner. And as you unravel each elusive mystery, an even bigger one begins to unfold.


The question is, will you put together all the pieces of the puzzle and make the right choice when the time comes.

Added: 2/22/18 | Genre: RPG | Platform: Amiga | Emulator: FS-UAE

The six tubes sat side-by-side before an amorphous console of pressure slides and heat-contact buttons. The formo-glass, half misted, failed to totally hide the black, sealed containers within, lying still and at peace. Written on a plaque attached to a metallic support sheet above the tubes were the words "Project Awakening". An unnecessary announcement, Rex though, considering the meager audience who ever be around to appreciate it.

It was a grim task. Six unborn souls had been selected for a task that might never come. Six unborn as guard to protect the world from... The Unborn. Odd. Here was Rex Helion, emperor of Perihelion, aiming to protect the world from an entity that might not exist for all he knew with six people that did not exist either. What lay before him was the result of work by scientists, psyonics and mediators. Insurance in case of infiltration by The Unborn into the world. His world...

Added: 2/13/18 | Genre: Point-And-Click Adventure / 1st person | Platform: DOS | Emulator: DOSBox 0.74

An immense alien craft, from the distant depths of space, has suddenly and unexpectedly entered our solar system. You are a replacement astronaut sent to enter and explore this artificial world... to discover its purpose and reveal its secrets for humankind.

Rama is a startling world of bizarre architecture, engineering marvels and alien wonders. Launched by an unknown intelligence commanding technologies we do not understand, Rama presents the human mind with its greatest challenge. Decipher a series of complex alien puzzles, avoid unseen dangers and reveal tantalizing clues - you may even survive to report your mysterious findings.