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Added to the lair: 2/13/18 / Updated on 3/19/19

Genre: Point-And-Click Adventure / 3rd person

Developer: Westwood Studios

Year: 1997

Platform: Windows

Emulator: None

Wikipedia: Blade Runner

Blade Runner

Quite an experience to live in fear...

Blade Runner is, very likely, my favorite point-and-click adventure game of all time. That's significant given that it's a genre for which I have a great deal of affinity and am very well versed. It certainly doesn't hurt that it's based on my favorite movie of all time, but to chalk it up to nothing more than that would be doing it a complete disservice. It's also, to my mind, probably the best movie-based game ever, even though it's not directly based on the movie and is more of a parallel story.


It does many unique things, both for the time and even for today. Some characters appear in different places or react differently in every playthrough. Some events progress in real time, regardless of your actions or lack thereof. There are thirteen different endings based on your actions throughout the game - you're able to make a number of decisions that will have a very dramatic impact on how the story plays out. Whether characters are humans or replicants also varies per playthrough; and you get to use the Voight-Kampff machine on them just like in the movie.

It's highly atmospheric, again like the movie, and the amount of clearly painstaking work that they did to replicate some of the locations which are absolutely cluttered with detail is kindof amazing; especially if you're a Blade Runner nut like me and can recognize how well they managed to pull that off. The soundtrack, too, does a great job of mimicking the film's score, which is one of my all-time favorites - they're actually recreations for the game, not just direct rips of the original audio, and they did a great job of it.

I really can't gush about this game enough. It's really really special and absolutely worth your time, especially if you have even a small amount of interest in point-and-click adventures and/or Blade Runner. Highly recommended!

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