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Added to the lair: 2/28/18

Genre: Point-And-Click Adventure / 1st person

Developer: Mike Saenz, Joe Sparks

Year: 1991

Platform: Windows 3.1

Emulator: DOSBox Daum

Wikipedia: Spaceship Warlock

Spaceship Warlock

A blazing, swashbuckling, wondrous adventure

I can't decide if Spaceship Warlock is pure genious, the result of some kind of insane fever dream, or just completely bonkers. It's extremely weird whatever the case.

When you consider that it was made by two guys in 1991 - two years before games like Myst and Journeyman Project - it's actually pretty damn impressive. Doing some research on it, it would seem that it was actually a pretty big deal and fairly successful on Mac, where it was originally released, It didn't see a Windows release until 1994, which is probably a significant factor in its relative obscurity.

The game itself is... well it's odd. It's quite short if you actually know what you're doing - probably about an hour or so. But uh... therein kinda lies the problem. Spaceship Warlock suffers from "Let's try to figure out what not-obvious thing they want me to do now"-syndrome. I'm all for games not holding my hand - I think modern games have a bad tendency to do this far more than is needed - but Spaceship Warlock takes that one step further by giving you very little indication of what you're supposed to be doing in even a vague sense or how to go about it even if you knew. This is primarily due to the text-parser elements, which have had the tendency to be frustrating since their inception. Don't feel too bad if you end up consulting a walkthrough.

All of that said, it's very impressive graphically (for the time) and has this really unique vibe that honestly doesn't feel much like anything else I've ever played.

It's an interesting bit of gaming weirdness for sure.

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