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Astrocounter of Crescents

Zomb's Obscura Vol. 1 - Mecha Beat Em Up

Added to the lair: 3/31/19 / Updated 4/17/19

Note: Includes 6 mecha-themed beat em ups

Genre: Action / Beat em up

Developer: Various

Year: 1989 - 1997

Platform: DOS / x68000 / PSX

Emulator: Retroarch

Special Notes

Zomb's Obscura Vol. 1

Mecha Beat Em Ups

I've been wanting to do a collection like this for a while - several games that have some kind of common theme that I wouldn't likely make an entire package for individually, but fit great together as a set. I have ideas for several such volumes, but thought this would be a good place to start.

Everybody knows about games like Metal Warriors and Armored Warriors, but there are actually a number of robot/mecha-themed beat em ups that don't get talked about much - probably because DOS isn't exactly known for that type of thing and the x68000 isn't really well-known in the west in general.

On offer here are 7 (well more like 6 since both the DOS and x68000 versions of Genocide 2 are included) Japanese/Korean games that all fit the bill. Quality varies from game to game, but generally all of them are quite good. Genocide 2 (x68000) is probably my favorite of the bunch, though I like both of the Mad Stalker games a lot too. Be aware that most of them are fairly difficult!

I've also included my own custom bezels and shaders where possible - everything except for Astrocounter of Crescents and Genocide 2 (DOS) - for an added bit of flair.

Please be sure to read the special notes section or the readme included with the installer!


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