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Added to the lair: 2/21/18

Genre: RPG

Developer: Morbid Visions

Year: 1993

Platform: Amiga

Emulator: FS-UAE

Wikipedia: Perihelion: The Prophecy

Perihelion: The Prophecy

The ancient unholy power of an unborn god...

15 years before Fallout 3 did green, Perihelion: The Prophecy did orange.

Perihelion is a strange and interesting game. I very rarely hear it talked about by practically anyone - even Amiga enthusiasts. It was apparently made by only 3 people; a considerable feat given the quality on display.


It's highly atmospheric with great sound and visuals (if, admittedly, a bit heavy on the orange). The interface takes some getting used to, but it's not too bad once you're over that initial hurdle.


It's not a perfect game - some things can be a bit on the unintuitive side, a number of things simply aren't explained (even in the manual, which is included and worth looking at), and like many games of this era they sortof just throw you into the deep end from the beginning, which could be understandably off-putting to some people. I would definitely consider it a hidden gem though. It's an interesting bit of obscurity that's worth taking a look at.

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