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Added to the lair: 2/18/18 / Updated 10/3/20

Genre: Puzzle / Logic

Developer: Brøderbund

Year: 1996

Platform: Windows 3.1

Emulator: DOSBox Daum

Wikipedia: Logical Journey of the Zoombinis

Logical Journey of the Zoombinis

A mind-bending adventure

I'm not normally one for "edutainment" games, but Logical Journey of the Zoombinis is actually really good; probably because, despite the edutainment marketing, it's much more about logic, puzzle solving, and pattern recognition than your typical edutainment title. It can actually be quite challenging and will undoubtedly leave you scratching your head on occasion.


It's very well animated, with all the various Zoombinis scurrying about and a variety of strange creatures blocking your progress. The narration and voice acting are outstanding as well. It's lighthearted, sure, but it's also extremely charming.


Don't let the the kiddie look scare you off - this one's absolutely worth your time and is highly entertaining even as an adult.

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