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Alien Legacy 2.0

"Good day captain. I'm prepared to brief you on the situation..."

Alien Legacy has now been updated to version 2.0, adding Retroarch support with shaders and bezels, adds controller support via Antimicro, and uses ASuite for management.

I also added in an option to disable Antimicro in the Launcher this time. I can't imagine most people would need/want this, but it's there for those that do. The primary rationale for this is just in case someone had their own controller mapper software that they wanted to use instead.

I also added in a control swap function with the controller implementation - the left and right sticks control the mouse cursor and the dpad controls the arrow keys. When you press right bumper it will swap the left stick controls with the dpad. Press it again and it swaps back.

I also changed the screenshot comparison option - now instead of simply dropping you into the folder where the screenshots are located, it opens a fullscreen slideshow of the images via IrfanView Portable which you can flip between with the scroll wheel or arrow keys - pressing escape exits.

Check out the Special Notes section of the game's page for more info.

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Alberto Esp
Alberto Esp
Oct 28, 2021

Greetings. Space Quest needs this! Amazing Job!

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