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Betrayal at Krondor Definitive Edition Patcher 2.0

“The world is much larger than I once dreamed, or perhaps my place in it is smaller than I once realized.”

Version 2.0 of the Betrayal at Krondor Definitive Edition Patcher is now available!

New features included in 2.0:

- Native soundfont support in Retroarch (using FluidR3) - Improved shaders - Added Reshade support for Retroarch, along with some of my own presets - Replaced DOSBox Daum with DOSBox-staging

You can download the patcher here.

As a reminder: this does not include the game. You will need to purchase the GOG version and then patch it with this download. Either the offline installer or GOG Galaxy version can be used. The only requirement is that the game be in a folder named "Betrayal at Krondor" (it will be by default). The path to that folder doesn't matter, just the folder name.

1. Simply extract Betrayal at Krondor (Definitive Edition) into a folder parallel to Betrayal at Krondor, so, for example:

C:\Games\Betrayal at Krondor

C:\Games\Betrayal at Krondor (Definitive Edition)

2. Now go into the Betrayal at Krondor (Definitive Edition) folder and start PATCH.bat.

And that's it! You're all set! Now you can start Launcher.exe for the Launcher UI or you can start Betrayal at Krondor (DOSBox) (x64).exe, Betrayal at Krondor (DOSBox) (x86).exe, or Betrayal at Krondor (Retroarch).exe to start the game with DOSBox-staging or Retroarch respectively.

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