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New things are around the corner...

So this blog is a thing now... huzzah!

I wanted to have a means of talking more directly to people about what I'm working on, the trials and tribulations of the work, methods I come up with to overcome those issues, various tools that I use, neat things I learn along the way... all that good stuff. And probably talk about random video games, movies, and music here and there too.

For those that have followed along in the thread over on the Launchbox forums, I've recently come up with some ways to improve my packages by giving people more options to mess around with, and an easy means to do that. Plus I get to use Retroarch now, and I'm a complete shader snob so that's a-okay with me. I'll be revamping quite a few packages over the coming months. I've updated the package for The Terminator Double Pack, and will be pushing through updates for Abuse, Alien Legacy, Dreamweb, and Zomb's Obscura Vol. 1 shortly. More to come!

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