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C64 Dreams Progress

I just wanted to give everyone a heads up that I'm going to shift gears here a bit from the normal game releases and into C64 Dreams mode until I get the next update out. I've already been in the process of moving that direction over the past week and I don't want to lose momentum. 172 games have been added thus far with a goal of 500 for the next release. I'm really excited for this version as it brings some really great improvements, including:

1) An updated core which delivers, among other things, per-pixel cropping at the core level - the significance of this is that, unlike prior versions which did cropping at the video output level and, as result, needed some adjustment if you were using a resolution other than 1080p, the next version will "just work" for everyone across the board regardless of resolution or aspect ratio of the monitor!

2) Diskmags! I've only added a small number of these so far but I'll be adding more as I go. I'm focusing primarily on scene diskmags like Attitude and Vandalism News at the moment but will branch out from there.

3) Custom background SID music for text adventures which ordinarily have no music or sound! I was talking about text adventures in the Zomb's Lair Discord a few days ago and the idea occurred to me that since many of them are completely silent, it would be cool to pipe in some custom SID music that's content-appropriate. I came up with a way to do this thanks to the excellent libsidplayfp and a bit of scripting and I'm very happy with the results thus far. I've picked out about 15 tracks so far and am still looking for more. I can't tell you how much more I found myself enjoying, for instance, The Curse of Rabenstein with the addition of Lost in the Night by MCH. This will be toggleable, of course, in case you don't want any music (but I'd recommend trying it out for yourself first!). You can also add your own tracks with a bit of tweaking.

Lots more to come!

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