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C64 Dreams v0.16

Version 0.16 of C64 Dreams is now available. It can be downloaded here [this version is old, see the newest release]. 200 new games have been added as well as a number of other changes. Everything should be working, but admittedly this did involve a lot of find and replace work as I made format adjustments to... basically everything. If anyone has any issues, please let me know. The good news is that from this point on additional updates should basically just be drag and drop.

All games, demos, SID tracks, and magazines have been updated to use visual basic scripts (.vbs) so that a command prompt is no longer visible when starting; all paths updated in Launchbox.

Version Updates:

  • Atomic Robo Kid - replaced with Easyflash version by Master

  • Bop'n Wrestle - replaced with 2019 Hokotu Force version

  • Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom - replaced with 2019 Hokotu Force version

  • Cabal - replaced with 2018 Easyflash version by Nostalgia

  • Cauldron II - replaced with 2018 gold version by Fairlight

  • Caverns of Khafka - replaced with 2018 Onslaught version

  • Hammerfist - replaced with 2019 d81 version by Master

  • Psi-5 Trading Company - replaced with 2019 Easyflash version by Mayday

  • Wrath of the Demon - replaced with 2017 Easyflash version by Master

Other Changes:

  • Bugbomber - added support for 4 controllers

  • Space Lords - added support for 4 controllers


  • Removed rom for It's Magic 2 as this game seems to still be commercial - it's on, and they're normally good about removing games that are commercially available, so I'm not sure what the deal is there; removed from Best of Vol. 2 and replaced with M.U.L.E.

  • Cleaned up Zzap!64 issues 1 and 21 which had some duplicate/extraneous pagesBest of Vol. 3 playlist created, though it's currently only 51 titles - will be expanded as more games are added to the collection.

  • Added 3 new overlays: Black Tiger, Retrograde, and Supremacy. These three as well as Project Firestart (default) can be swapped between by going to C64 Dreams\C64 Dreams\Utilities\Overlays and starting the .bats that correspond to each.

  • Added 1600x900 base config that, like the other options, can be activated via C64 Dreams > C64 Dreams > Utilities > Screen Resolution Adjustment. Thanks to Jophran on the Launchbox forums for this!

New configs that use custom dimensions:

  • Bear Essentials, The

  • Brainway

  • Dominion

  • Game Over II: Part 1

  • Wolfling

All games with multitap (3-4 controller) support:

  • Bruce Lee: Return of Fury

  • Bugbomber

  • Frogs

  • IK+ Gold

  • M.U.L.E. (players 3 and 4 can use either controllers or keyboard; see game details spreadsheet for more info)

  • Mashed Turtles

  • Shotgun

  • SNAFU '64

  • Space Lords

New games in v0.16:

8bit-Slicks Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Dragons of Flame Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: DragonStrike Algol Aqua Racer Aquaplane Argos DX Arhena the Amazon: Special Edition Astex 64 Atom Heart B-Ball Balloon Flight Barbie Beach Bar Bear Essentials, The BinTris Blastopia Blok Copy Border Blast 2 Border Blast 3 Brainway Bruce Lee: Return of Fury Bulbo and the Lizard King Chef Quest Chilly Willy Conflict in Vietnam D.I.S.C.: Damned Into Space-Craft David's Midnight Magic Demigod Demon Stalkers Demons of Dex Denarius Deneb Denga Denniffia Desert Hawk Desert Trader Desolator Destroyer Destroyer Escort Devil's Wheel Di-Art: Moebius II Diamond Mine Dick Tracy Die Hard 2: Die Harder Die! Alien Slime Digiloi Digital Tangram Dino Wars Dinorace 64 Dioroid Dip Diver Discovery Dive Bomber Dizzy - Down the Rapids DJ Puff's Volcanic Capers Django DNA Warrior Doc Cosmos Doctor Who and the Mines of Terror Dodgeball II Dodgy Geezers Dodo's Deep Doo-Doo Dogfight 2187 Domain Dominion Donald the Hero Donald's Alphabet Chase Donkey Kong (Atari) Doomdark's Revenge Doriath Double Dare (Alternative Software) Double Dare (GameTek) Double Digger Double Dragon Double Dragon 2 Double Dragon 3 Double Dribble Double Lizard Doughboy Down at the Trolls Down, Down, Down Downhill Challenge Dr. Mad vs. the Topsy Turvy Moon Men of Mars Dracula Dracula's Castle Drag Race Eliminator Dragon Dragon Breed Dragon Hunter Dragon Ninja Dragon Spirit Dragonfire DragonHawk Dragonriders of Pern Dragons Cave Dragonworld Drak Dream Team Basketball Dreamcars Drip Droid Droid Dreams Druid Dustin' Electric Warrior Enigma Everyday Tale of a Seeker of Gold Exploding Fish Exterminator Firefighter Mario Floyd of the Jungle Forbidden Forest Frantic Freddie II Frogs Galaxy Game Over Game Over II: Part 1 Game Over II: Part 2 Gauntlet: The Deeper Dungeons Gyruss Head Over Heels Hero of the Golden Talisman Hibernated 1: This Place is Death Honey Bee Howard the Coder IK+ Gold Jars' Revenge Jupiter Lander Killer Bees Knight Lore Lala Prologue Let's Invade 2 Lords of Midnight Lotus Espirit Turbo Challenge Lumberjack M.U.L.E. Magic Candle, The Mario Bros (Atari) Mario Bros (Ocean) Mashed Turtles Maze of Death Memory Metal Gear Miner 2049'er Mission Impossibubble Moonshadow Neutron Newzealand Story Nucleo 447 Oil's Well Panzer Pharaoh Pharaoh's Curse Pharaoh's Revenge Pit, The Planetoids Pogo Joe Pool of Radiance Rock Maze Rogue Burger One Scooby & Scrappy Doo Secret Tunnel Seven Cities of Gold Shadow Switcher Sheep is a Key Shotgun Sidelines Slipstream SNAFU '64 Snokie Stacker Starfysh Remix Sub Hunter Super Bonkey Kong Super Galax-I-Birds Super Toboggan Challenge Survivor Tank Blasta Tenebra Macabre Tombstones Tower of Rubble 64 Transporter Trolley Follies Ultima III: Exodus Vegetables Vortex Crystals VVVVVV Warhawk Wizard of Wor Wolfling Worm X Force Xerons Zagor and the Fortress of Smirnoff Zap Fight 2: Special Edition Zig-Zag Zilspleef Zombie Calavera Prologue Zone Runner

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