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C64 Dreams v0.60 Hotfix 2

Hey guys! I've got another hotfix for C64 Dreams v0.60 which addresses a few things. This should be the last hotfix. You can download it here. This is a combination of the previous hotfix as well as new fixes so you only need to grab this one if you hadn't gotten the previous hotfix, and if you did install the previous one you can overwrite with this one. Like last time, this needs to be placed in the base folder next to Launchbox.exe and then extract/merge/overwrite. Make sure Launchbox isn't running when you do this.

- Corrected joystick port mapping for players 2-4 in all games that used 3+ joystick adapters (multitap). Some were correct as-is, others needed adjustments. Games corrected are below:


Hockey Mania



Ivan 'Ironman' Stewart's Super Off Road


SNAFU '64 Zatacka

*the port mapping for Bugbomber has been corrected but it needs to be noted that the joystick controls for ports 3 and 4 don't seem to entirely work - player 3 can't move up and down and player 4 can't use bombs. This has been true in every version of the game I've tested (and I've tested several). I've also tested the emulated Kingsoft adapter (which Bugbomber uses) in Joyride v1.6 and everything worked as expected there which makes me think that there is just something odd/wrong going on with this particular game.

- Slightly adjusted aspect ratio for Mega Bezel as it was just a little bit wider than it should have been previously

- Made some slight adjustments to brightness and color settings in 4k Mega Bezel presets

- Corrected all custom cropping configs so that they now maintain the correct aspect ratio when using the Mega Bezel shader (standard shaders were unaffected). There are 96 games where this is relevant.

- Changed Mega Thrusterball's auto-warp value to "Ignore Audio" to bypass load screen (which plays music)

- Corrected Barry McGuigan World Championship Boxing and Cloud Kingdoms to use Joystick Port 1

- Added missing notes overlay for Dominion

- Updates the Extras plugin so that it will work with newer versions of LB; only relevant if you A) enable updates in the included version of LB or B) import into a separate newer version of LB

I've actually been hard at work on the next version already rather than taking my typical couple-month break from it. That's probably still going to happen at some point but I figured if I can keep going and not feel burned out I should. I have to kindof shift gears mentally when I'm working on C64 Dreams versus anything else so I guess if I can still maintain focus I should. I'm actually really excited about some of the new things that'll be in the next version, but that can wait until next time ;)

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03. März

Thank you for your work! It is great to see someone give the love for the c64. The computer that got me through HS, the start of college, and a decade of fun!

Gefällt mir

Mark van der Waarde
Mark van der Waarde
09. Aug. 2023

Thank you for your amazing work!

Gefällt mir

05. Juni 2023

Quick note, I just made a stealth update to the hotfix. It fixed a very minor issue introduced with the original upload if you happened to be using any of the backgrounds by TheNamec. New version is the same link/filename. Updated version was uploaded at 6:18PM EST.

Gefällt mir
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