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Definitive Edition Patcher: Arx Fatalis

A world at war. A deadly cult rising. A demon's growing power.

I'm a big fan of immersive sims. Deus Ex, Thief, and System Shock are the names that typically come to mind for most people when the genre comes up - certainly for good reason, I love those games too! - but Arx Fatalis is one that is, unfortunately, pretty frequently overlooked. That's a real shame because it's great! It has some rough spots - namely some really bizarre voice acting and some elements that are half-baked, bordering on non-existent (like archery) - but underneath that there's an interesting world that's really worth exploring.

Definitive Edition Patch Features:

-Patches the game to use Arx Libertatis mod (v1.2-dev)

-Controller support via Antimicro

-Reshade support with my custom presets and options -Strategy Guide -ASuite for management

The keyboard controls and controller mapping are as follows (based on a 360/XB1 controller):

WASD | Left Stick = Move Mouse | Right Stick = Move cursor Space | A = Jump F | B = Use item Tab | Y = Draw weapon RT = Left click / Attack LCtrl | LT = Magic LShift | LB = Sneak / Precast Spell Right click | RB = Toggle inventory G | D-pad Left = Mana potion M | D-pad Up = Toggle mini map H | D-pad Right = Life potion 1 | X + D-pad Left = Cast precast spell 1 2 | X + D-pad Up = Cast precast spell 2 3 | X + D-pad Right = Cast precast spell 3 Start = ESC Backspace | Back = Toggle book C | L3 (left stick click) = Toggle crouch

Note that the game itself is not included with this patch. You must install the GOG or Steam versions first. The only requirement is that the game be in a folder named "Arx Fatalis" (it will be by default). The path to that folder doesn't matter, just the folder name.

1. Simply extract Arx Fatalis (Definitive Edition) into a folder parallel to Arx Fatalis, so, for example: C:\Games\Arx Fatalis C:\Games\Arx Fatalis (Definitive Edition)

2. Now go into the Arx Fatalis (Definitive Edition) folder and start PATCH.bat.

And that's it! You're all set! Now you can start “Launcher and Settings.exe” for the Launcher UI or you can start “Arx Fatalis.exe” to start the game.

Everything is completely portable, so if you want to uninstall the GOG/Steam version, move the Definitive Edition folder somewhere else... put it wherever you want and it'll still work.

Have fun!

Download the patch here

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