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Nightlong: Union City Conspiracy

"The truth must prevail. Will you?"

Controller support, shader support, Reshade support, and custom bezel are included.

I spent some more time fine-tuning shaders in PCem and making some adjustments to Reshade presets to better complement them. I have no idea if anyone other than me actually uses any of this stuff, but it certainly makes things more enjoyable for me so I'm going to continue incorporating them where possible.

Anyway, have fun!

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S B -0ut51d3R-
S B -0ut51d3R-
Jul 21, 2021

Just wanted to say that I really appreciate you making this available to the public...

This is an under-appreciated title & I hope all those interested in futuristic/sci-fi/cyberpunk adventure games will at least check it out. If,for no other reason,than to appreciate the aesthetics/artwork that went into it...

I also like the leisurely vibe of it,there's no "rush" to accomplish anything & you're free to explore at your own pace. Which,I miss from these old-school games being so rarely emulated these days(in every sense ;) )...

I actually am fortunate in that I have a physical-copy. So,I would only download it 2 see what the changes you've made to it are. However,eventually I'm sure I will be curious to see(I…

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