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Shader Shenanigans

"I desire very little, but the things I do consume me."

So in case I hadn't established this previously, I have a bit of an obsession when it comes to Retroarch shaders; specifically with making/tweaking my own. It's very easy to fall into a rabbit hole with this stuff if you're of perfectionist/OCD inclination. It's been a little quiet here the last week, but that's because I've had my head down slogging away in shader land. I think that work has paid off, even if it was a bit exhausting at times. This will be of great benefit to future projects here, so it was absolutely worth it.

I have a screenshots comparison folder available for download here if anyone wants a closer look. The shaders can be downloaded here. The "Zombs Shaders" folder simply needs to be placed in the Retroarch\shaders\ folder and then you're all set.

So with this done, I can get back to work on packages here! I have several that are basically done, I just have to move forward with image creation, installer creation, updating the site, etc.

More to come soon!

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