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Virtual Nightclub

It's about time

Virtual Nightclub is now available.

Controller support, shader support, Reshade support, custom bezel, and a brand new play guide created by user Elphive are included.

Hey guys! It's been a while. As is usually the case following a C64 Dreams release, I have to take a certain period of time off of project work to sortof reset and purge so that I can come back to it fresh. I did that this time but afterwards there was the additional complication of changing jobs IRL. It actually took several months for me to get to a point where I felt comfortable enough with the workload and what I was doing to have sufficient free time to work on anything. That said, I have made significant progress on the next version of C64 Dreams. But as usual I want to get some standalone games out before the next version is released so this is the first of those.

Virtual Nightclub is a really weird game that was brought to my attention by user Elphive, who actually went as far as to create a guide for the game which is included. It also provides a history for the production which is both informative and interesting. I would highly recommend checking it out. Thanks Elphive!

Anyway, I have several more upcoming releases planned, so I hope to bring you guys more stuff soon. Have fun!

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