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C64 Dreams v0.60 Hotfix

Hey guys, thanks for all the positive feedback on the release of v0.60 of C64 Dreams. I really appreciate it!

I've got a quick hotfix for a couple issues. You can download it here (EDIT: removed as this is now outdated, you can find the newest hotfix here). This needs to be placed in the base folder next to Launchbox.exe and then extract/merge/overwrite. Make sure Launchbox isn't running when you do this.

This makes the following changes:

-Updates the Extras plugin so that it will work with newer versions of LB; only relevant if you A) enable updates in the included version of LB or B) import into a separate newer version of LB (which doesn't exist yet)

-Fixes input mapping for players 2-4 in Frogs, Hockey Mania, and Shotgun

Have fun!

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Beau Chambers
Beau Chambers
May 15, 2023

Awesome! Thank you 🤘

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