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Abomination: The Nemesis Project

"For a week the world watched and waited as an unstoppable plague swept America..."

Controller support, shader support, Reshade support, and custom bezel are included.

I recently bought a new scanner in order to be able to scan manuals and other material for packages going forward, and this is the first use of that. I always look for manuals online for anything I release as I like to include them where I can, but in some cases - like this one, for example - there doesn't seem to be a scan available anywhere online so this will allow me to preserve those where I can. I'll be uploading them individually to a separate account here.

Anyway, have fun! I've got some exciting stuff coming soon so stay tuned!

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S B -0ut51d3R-
S B -0ut51d3R-
21 jul 2021

Just wanted to ask,did you make this art digitally or is it ACTUALLY a physical piece??? The brush-stroke look is surprisingly realistic,but I'm aware how far graphical-art has come & these days ANYTHING could actually be digital,no matter HOW realistic...

So,thought I would ask about this & also take the opportunity to mention my appreciation of your FANTASTIC artwork! It's /extremely/ impressive whether digital,or not...

I have a strong appreciation for all types of art,since I've always wanted to be a TRUE artist,professionally. But,have decided to settle on just posting digital-creations(I have a YT linked to this account,if ANYONE is interested in such things)...

Anyway,lastly I wanted to be sure to Thank You,once again for allowing the downloading of another…

Me gusta
02 sept 2022
Contestando a

Hey there! Sorry I missed this comment! I do all these digitally in Photoshop :)

Glad you're enjoying the games!

Me gusta
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