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Take No Prisoners

"A new perspective on death"

Take No Prisoners is now available.

Controller support, reshade support, and custom soundfonts are included.

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S B -0ut51d3R-
S B -0ut51d3R-
21. Juli 2021

To comment on your review: I've read A LOT of Gamer Mags from that time(I'm from about the age of gaming you sound to be(80's-into-90's)). And,the reason ppl back-then tended to say that about over-head-perspectives,was because of the limited viewing-angles. Which,made it difficult to see enemies before they saw you,in many cases(not sure if that applied here,but the reviewer must've felt so). Which,in turn,led to "cheap shots" & an overall feeling the game was designed to cause unfair damage/deaths...

I remember feeling that way myself,when playing over-head games back-then. Mostly,because the camera was usually not far-enough above to see the environment...

However,this game seems to offer at least a little more of a view,than the games I had been playing.…

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